Further Discussion on A+B Theorem

it is more an accounting theorem than an economic one
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The A+B theorem, at its core is essentially the same problem that Marx struggled with. How can an employer make money if the cost of the product is equal to the cost of labour? In order for the corporation to be profitable, they have to charge more than the labour cost in order to produce a profit. Douglas extended this to the entire economy, and that’s where his arguments come from.

Response Hi C…..:
Actually, while there are some similarities between Marx’s analysis and that of Douglas (how capital and control of it direct the economy), there are some rather big differences as well.

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THE SHORTAGE OF PURCHASING POWER – HENCE DEBT! In both cases cited previously, the core of the problem lies elsewhere.

C.H. Douglas and the A+B Theorem

Purchasing Power and Prices
The simplest method of obtaining a physical conception of the situation is to regard the money system and the price system as a double-entry system of book-keeping. Every article which is produced has a price attached to it, and somewhere on the opposite side of the account there should be a sum of money capable of moving each and every article out of the production system into the consuming system. Since money is the mechanism by which the consumer gives orders; no money, no order; no order, no delivery; and ultimately, no delivery, no production.
Having this conception firmly fixed in your minds, you will see at once that if the total amount of money available on one side of the account is less than the total amount of prices on the other side of the account there must be something remaining unsold always.
---- Warning Democracy p. 31.

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State Member for Mount Isa Robbie Katter has slammed the LNP for supporting Labor to vote against a real solution to address rural debt.  In a parliamentary session that went into the early hours of Wednesday morning the KAP’s Rural and Regional Adjustment (Development Assistance) Amendment Bill was denied a vote in the House through the blocking of a motion put forward by Robbie Katter.

“The motion was put forward to enable the Parliament to adequately consider and vote on a solution that would’ve seen a new lending mechanism established to address the shortcomings in QRAA’s current activities”
“Each member of the crossbench voted to allow the motion to be heard but it was the major parties who didn’t allow it. It’s unbelievable that they would so blatantly work together to stifle a minor party Bill.”….

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I know two swallows don’t make a summer, but I live in hope that more and more readers will seriously consider C.H. Douglas’ A+B Theorem. 

After reading the two following articles on the debt structure the folk in this land are burdened under, serious interest might just be stimulated.

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Wallace Klinck has observed:

“Modern banking accomplishes appropriation of the communal capital by Fabian Socialist “gradualist” legerdemain--what the communists would do by physical expropriation.  Banking and communism work in close co-ordination.”

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“Douglas bequeathed to us ... a living, growing dynamic thing” — Dr. Geoffrey Dobbs, Melbourne Victoria 1979

At the 1979 Douglas Centenary Dinner, in Melbourne, Victoria, Geoffrey Dobbs spoke of the 1930s Social Credit movement and the 1937 election of a Social Credit government in Alberta, Canada:

“Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive.  But to be young was very heaven!”
 “That, however,” said Geoffrey “was written about the French Revolution -- a false dawn if ever there was one -- and the following year (1938), we (social crediters) had to grow up! At least I had to, and it was a painful process, facing the reality that the world was not going our way at all, but the opposite way”.

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GOP senators ask Tillerson to probe US funding of Soros groups abroad by Adam Shaw

Republican senators are asking Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to investigate claims that U.S. taxpayer money is being used to back left-wing billionaire George Soros’ political meddling and similar efforts overseas.
A letter sent Tuesday asked for a probe into how U.S. funds are being used by agencies such as the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to back left-wing political groups in other countries. Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, one of the co-signers, even said foreign officials and political leaders have come to him with “reports of U.S. activity in their respective countries.”
He said in a statement: “This includes reports of diplomats playing political favorites, USAID funds supporting extreme and sometimes violent political activists, and the US Government working to marginalize the moderates and conservatives in leadership roles. ... This sort of political favoritism from our missions around the world is unacceptable.”

The letter to Tillerson also was signed by Sens. James Inhofe, R-Okla.; Thom Tillis, R-N.C.; David Perdue, R-Ga.; Ted Cruz, R-Texas; and Bill Cassidy, R-La. It followed a letter in February from GOP lawmakers asking about whether U.S. tax dollars have been used in recent years to fund Soros-backed projects in the small, conservative-led country of Macedonia.

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Jordan Peterson Takes It Outside @ McMaster University

Students at McMaster University in Canada derailed the event originally scheduled to feature a panel of three speakers, out of which, due to received threats, only Peterson has attended. The protesters crashed the room, blew air horns, played loud instruments, threw glitter onto Peterson and shouted “shut down Peterson,” and “transphobic piece of sh*t” in unison, with one student leading the cheer through a megaphone, making it nearly impossible for Peterson’s voice to be heard over their noise. Due to the noise levels, Peterson and the students in attendance were forced to move the talk outside where he was able to continue.
Source: "Jordan Peterson Defeats Anti Free Speech Protestors At McMaster" https://youtu.be/f2heAuFEzSM

FIRST COOPERS, NOW THIS from Lyle Shelton, Australian Christian Lobby

“It has taken less than a week for Coopers Brewery to go from supporting the Bible Society to supporting Australian Marriage Equality. And the tactics of the same-sex marriage lobby have been on full display for all Australians to see.
By now we all ought to be able to recite the same-sex marriage playbook from memory – bullying, intimidation, boycotts and threats. That’s how the same-sex marriage lobby hopes to win over the hearts and minds of Australians.

But Coopers was just the tip of the iceberg
“Today the next step in the campaign to change Australia’s marriage laws was revealed and it is every bit as ugly as the whole Coopers saga…  Coopers was just the beginning.
In today’s Australian we learn that corporate giants like QANTAS have been ‘lobbying’ senior executives to sign an open letter to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull pressuring him to break his election commitment on marriage.

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The Daily Mail online, 15 March 2017, tells it readers:
“Theresa May has been warned she faces ‘war on two fronts’ with Nicola Sturgeon and the EU after the Scottish First Minister demanded a fresh independence referendum.
Former Foreign Secretary Lord Hague said Miss Sturgeon would exploit inevitable difficulties in Brexit negotiations to push the case for breaking up the UK.
Meanwhile, Brussels will use the need to appease Scotland to undermine the PM’s attempts to drive a hard bargain.
The warning comes as the Brexit Bill officially enters the statute books, with the Queen due to grant Royal Assent later.
But although Mrs May is now formally authorised to trigger Article 50 and begin the Brexit process, she has put the moment off until the end of the month…”
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4311638/PM-faces-war-two-fronts-Sturgeon-referendum-bid.html#ixzz4bS8kLzDC

The difference is between centralized and decentralized power 
What it does not tell its readers - from Wallace Klinck, Canada:
“Scotland (like Quebec) adheres to Napoleonic or Continental Law which is incompatible with English Common Law and does not protect individuals in the same way.  Their sympathies toward the EU, and those of N. Ireland, are clearly seditious if Great Britain is to be considered a unitary sovereign nation. 
If Scotland and Britain as a whole functioned under an honest and realistic financial system this divisive influence would dissolve and fade away.  A house divided against itself cannot stand.  The problem is a lack of recognition of inheritance and its confusion with welfare—which latter is tax-based. 
This fatal misunderstanding is the Achilles Heel of the Conservative Movement.  A world of difference.”  
Read further…http://www.alor.org/Library/Butler%20ED%20-%20Achilles%20Heel.html
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdcVuf8ajxc    (Robert Klinck - “Economists’ Failed Professionalism” - 2016)     


CEO of “MGT Capital”, John McAfee once again joins host Brian Engelman on “Agree To Disagree” at “The New American Media”.
They discuss the WikiLeaks “Vault 7” data dump that has revealed a rogue shadow government that has been operating in Barack Obama’s Oval Office...
...This story has ramifications that reach world wide, and comments on the topic are encouraged.
To learn more about how John has been “Securing Our Tech Future”, please check out MGT Capital Investments at: http://www.mgtci.com
Listen here… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRBKpeMHT5E

“A very interesting interview—he seems both informed and credible,” writes Wallace Klinck.
This infolding (unfolding?  ...ed) scenario is quite consistent with the radical Marxist policies of the infamous Frankfurt School which regards the family as an anachronistic, bourgeois institution of a hated “capitalist” society —which it is their declared intent to destroy by “corrupting it until it stinks.” 
The Church has brought these disasters upon itself by offering no Christian alternative to the existing debt-mongering, usurious and war-inciting financial system which works parallel with an entrenched gradualist Keynesian Fabian Socialist financial policy to appropriate the communal capital and stop up the Abundance of the Kingdom so as to throw citizens upon the mercy of the State in an effort to survive in conditions of growing inflation and financial debt—wherein gainful employment becomes ever more difficult to find, consequent to the rapid replacement of labour as a factor of production by advanced technology. (A marvellous thing in itself—but a disaster if people are not given access to its proliferation of goods and services.) 
The Church has transcendentalised the Word and ignored its practical application, or Incarnation, in the organic affairs of mankind, making it increasingly irrelevant in the minds of the people—and yielding by default to the power-centralising Anti-Christian forces who wait in the wings to benefit from the increasing financial, economic and social disorder.
Wallace Klinck, Canada