There was a saying around the Sen Joe McCarthy era of “reds under the bed”. It was in response to denigrate any suggestion that the pervasion of Communist influences was well within the American administration. Alga Hiss, responsible for the founding of the United Nations, was deeply immersed within the American Administration and later defected to the Soviet Union. This is history. In our league archives we have an enormous amount of material to substantiate this. But the fact is, that it’s on both sides of the political coin, it’s not just one-sided coming from the socialist left.

This week my blog has been about the other side of the political coin, liberal-democracy and its outworking (philosophy) towards totalitarianism. The main stream media is not part of the answer but part of the problem. The ABC again, is not part of the answer but also part of the problem. Even the conservative commentators, if they have been significantly educated (indoctrinated) in liberal philosophy are not part of the answer but part of the problem. So I ask the question ‘where do we start’?
“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” – Edmund Burke
Thinking about freedom is: that I can’t just pursue freedom for myself, I must also pursue freedom for my brother. Freedom really means the ability to choose or refuse one thing at a time (with no threat to security of supply of the necessities of life).
Douglas refers to either ‘inducement’ or ‘compulsion’.
The Soviets directed significant energies against the Ukraine peasantry and starved as many as 10 millions. The compulsion was a strategic tool of brutality. So if you don’t have a sufficiency of supply of the necessities of life, you are not free at all. So this paints quite a vivid picture of where to start when we think about freedom. It’s not a free for all, but it is ‘freedom for all’, not just the elite.
Last year I spoke about Edward Bernays and his book titles “the engineering of consent” and “propaganda”. Propaganda works similarly for both sides of the political coin. Today I have some titles by Anatoly Gullikson “New Lies For Old”, and “Perestroika Deception”. I have managed to find and place both PDFs into our archives. The stories are the same, one of public manipulation and re/mis-direction through propaganda.

As a free people is not easy to consider the main stream media, governmental information outlets from the ABC, to universities, to radio Australia, and commercial stations, as providing us with a very sanitised and specifically directed stream of information to ensure our thinking is controlled. George Orwell referred to this in his novel 1984 as NewSpeak.

The “art of war” by Sun Tzu, while only a short booklet, goes to great depths of showing the power of ‘propaganda’ – deception – false thinking and how powerful it can be. So it really is a strategic art-form. With effective propaganda the enemy does not have a clue as to your real purpose.

I sometimes receive emails with the heading “by way of deception”. It’s also the same thing, to change the abstraction that is painted in my mind with propaganda, and it ‘is’ an abstraction although it feels very real. It can be overcome but this requires turning away and engagement with the real world, the sensible world, the world that we touch and smell and feel.

So where are we with climate?
Yesterday was 40°.
It’s interesting because after a period of extended heat, you acclimatise, you adjust, you adapt.
I spent 11 years on and off working in the Simpson Desert. During the average summer every day is 42°. I remember vividly an extended period of about three weeks (21 days) while I was up there and my memory tells me it was 47° everyday – Jan 2004. My memory could be telling lies, but, it paints quite a distinct picture. At that high temperature, over extended periods, the workforce was starting to go batty, including me.
I would, as a matter of work practice, as soon as I got off the plane jump into my car, go to the beach and get into the water. It seemed to undo all of that built up stress. I reversed this procedure as I was heading back towards work – the last thing I would do was get in the water and then I would get onto the plane to go to work. It seemed to assist me in adapting to these extended periods of high temperature. Adaption is the key.

People live in the desert. Other people live in the polar regions where it is bitterly cold. Variations of almost 100°C. Mankind is well capable of adapting to climate change of 1 or 2 degrees. We do not need to hand over our freedoms for the socialist UN to manage because of the abstraction called ‘climate change’.

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