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I have spent this break going through quite a number of different books; titles like “The Libertarian Mind”, “The Conquest of Nature”, and others. This showed me (surprisingly), that I was unclear of what ‘liberalism’ was about. It took the reading of other books, and “encyclicals“, to lead me through this maize, and it certainly is a maize.

My historical thoughts were centred around ‘opportunity’ and ‘freedom’. This is factually correct – ‘for some’, but there are significant omissions that assisted in understanding liberalism further.

The ‘Standford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy’ has an extensive definition of liberalism that is worth having a further look at. I  won’t present that definition here, but will give a hint that laissez-faire internationalism is a lot closer than I had ever thought.

This brings us to the matter of the Murray Darling Basin Authority and the Water Act 2007. The policy –  purpose behind the design of legislation –  is one of opportunistic exploitation to the detriment of local farmers, communities and certainly future generations. We have been sold a lemon, but enough of that.

I was sent Internet links over the break, of which some were quite explosive, for want of a better description. The Mekong River Commission and the Murray Darling Basin Authority have signed a Memorandum of Understanding –  mid 2019. This caused me to do some Internet searches of the MRC and the effect, or outworking of water management policy, that affected the downstream countries –  Laos,  Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand.  Suffice to say water is a ‘commodity of leverage’ towards these countries.

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