Judy Auchterlonie, Beata Luks and Arnis Luks in discussion at today’s forum : Trivium – Grammar, logic, and rhetoric were essential to a classical education, as explained in Plato’s dialogues.

The Main Stream Media and modern Governments are no more than HR managers, acting on behalf of, and protecting the interests of, the banking fraternity
The community’s Cultural Inheritance is appropriated by the banking fraternity by the issuing of new loans, with mortgages and bonds attached, against the very real assets of the community
All loans are a creation of new money – see Bank of England Report 1Q 2014
Just as we have an inherent Right to a Political Vote, so we should also have an inherent Right to a Money Vote so as to liquidate costs ‘at the same rate’ as costs are generated by production

David Smith and Arnis Luks discuss this and other related topics on today’s TheCross-Roads.ORG Forum