Culture, Why is it So Important?
The most obvious difference between a totalitarian society and a traditional Christian common law society is the degree of accountability of the different strata s of society. Our Western leaders are only ever ‘unaccountable’ provided no one has the political will to pursue them through the courts. Otherwise they face the full brunt of the law every day.  Holding totalitarian leaders to account through the courts is virtually impossible, unless you become the totalitarian and have control of your own courts.

The individual responsibilities within both societies is also markedly different. Under a totalitarian regime trial by jury, habeas corpus and presumption of innocence are not so apparent, if at all. The out working is most stark by the mass liquidation of political dissenters.
In a traditional Christian Common Law Society presumption of innocence is the starting point of any legal consideration. The courts are public and the accused must be present to face charges. If it is a criminal court, a jury of peers of the accused, need to be convinced beyond reasonable doubt. But there is more to this than just law.

The democratising of Parliament was a long and painful process. Voting (in the history of things) is relatively new. As little as several hundred years ago voting was limited to propertied males. Women’s suffrage is only now 100 years old.
Hansard, the recording of every word spoken in Parliament, was a result of the work of William Cobbett. Unable to keep his printing firm and recording of the parliamentary debates going, he sold the business to a man named Hansard who continued the tradition.

Taking debates out of the Parliament and into the party rooms has circumvented the parliamentary recording against tyranny. (
Parties are another relatively recent phenomenon, again less than 100 years. Voting along party lines after the party room debate, circumvents the good functioning of Parliament. Allowing ‘Acts of Parliament’ the discretionary interpretation of the Minister to determine individual findings circumvents the law as it is written. (

Having federal government determining matters that are clearly attributed to the states by the written ‘limited powers’ constitution, circumvents the state parliaments. (
Secret ballots for Peter to tax (rob) Paul, without Paul’s agreement, circumvents  individual responsibility to the community.

How communities get on, how they best associate, is as much a science as heat energy is to industry. It is called “Social Dynamics”.
Natural Law of this ‘social dynamic’ is just as observable and repeatable even though it may not be written down.
Gravity has always been there, we may not always have been aware of its existence.

Having the 10 Commandments before they were written down, was simply a method for the ‘good getting on’ of communities.

If we lived in an isolated environment as a community, having produced all our physical needs from industry and raw materials that we ourselves harnessed, we should be in a position to enjoy that production. If we use money as a method of balancing the books, we should be able to “purchase” what we “produce”.  Another way to put this is “we should be able to liquidate prices”.

We dig it from the earth, harvest it, fabricate it, manufacture it, with less and less physical labour. We should ‘still’ be able to “purchase” what we “produce”.

“We” come together for our mutual benefit. We produce in order to consume. Liquidating Prices is as much a part of the natural law as producing is.

“We” don’t think of it like this. We think “money” is somehow mystical with a life of its own, when in fact it is just a (fraudulent and relatively modern), method of counting. We cannot observe and understand ‘to follow’ the natural law when we believe above all else in this black magic – idolatry.

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