An 1847 depiction of the Norse Yggdrasil as described in
the Icelandic Prose Edda  by Oluf Olufsen Bagge

Biblical Tree of Life and Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in Christianity
•    Saint Bonaventure taught that the medicinal fruit of the Tree of Life is Christ himself.
•    Saint Albert the Great taught that the Eucharist, the Body and Blood of Christ, is the Fruit of the Tree of Life.
•    Augustine of Hippo said that the tree of life is Christ:
Augustine continued:  “All these things stood for something other than what they were, but all the same they were themselves bodily realities. And when the narrator mentioned them he was not employing figurative language, but giving an explicit account of things which had a forward reference that was figurative. So then the tree of life also was Christ... and indeed God did not wish the man to live in Paradise without the mysteries of spiritual things being presented to him in bodily form. So then in the other trees he was provided with nourishment, in this one with a sacrament... He is rightly called whatever came before him in order to signify him.”

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YES! The Australian people must play their part in this Constitutional Monarchy!

It is not just 'freedom' alone that we want.  Freedom must be balanced by responsibility and accountability - not only on the part of the elected representative, but also by the Australian people themselves.  
The Senator (Rod Culleton) has worked hard for this.  It is now up to the Australian people to put pressure on their own political representative and get behind Rod Culleton's fight on their behalf.
Listen to Rod's video explanation:

Well the BIG NEWS this morning is that George Christensen is ready to cross the floor over banks’ commission of inquiry.


 This is a result from people power and the Australian people telling their politians what they WANT.

 But we need more  pressure - take a listen and share this message:

Senator Rod Culleton and the High Court


Senator Rod Culleton explains the background to his High Court challenge on his eligibility to sit in the Senate
It seems the good Senator will at the same time introduce many Australians to the Commonwealth Constitution.
I am sure we will all await the High Court's decision with great interest.


I find most articles on ‘democracy’,  ‘populism’ and such like quite confusing.  There is no clarity in just what is meant by the terms, and, as I have written I think Senator Pauline Hanson is confused not only by the terms but as to her Constitutional role in the Senate.

An accurate definition of the word ‘democracy’ is surely “the power of the people”? As to 'populism' - surely that relates to the will of the people clearly expressed?

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How confusing are the definitions of such terms as ‘democracy’ and ‘democratic government’ : ‘populist’ and ‘populist policies’ : ‘majority vote’, ‘majority rule’ : etc., as found in modern dictionaries.
John Roskam’s article in the Australian Financial Review, 2nd December 2016,  “Democracy Is Not Populism” tried to clarify what is meant by such terms – but failed for me - I don’t think he got to the heart of the matter.
We are now approaching the Australian League of Rights’ annual break and now is not the time for anything too heavy – but I would like to leave you with Michael Lane’s introduction to “Power and Freedom” where some answers to the matter might be found … Read full article here...

Power and Freedom
Featuring a new section, "Ownership and Control"
“No writings could be more of a challenge to the reader than C. H. Douglas's of the 1940s. The style is compressed, elliptical, and allusive; the order of treatment is anything but systematic; and the transitions are bewildering. Douglas had by this time so internalized his ideas that everything is connected to everything else, and he expects the reader to make connections that are by no means obvious.

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So Rod Culleton didn’t please Party leader Pauline Hanson by ‘crossing the floor’ on a Backpacker’s Tax Bill. The headline reads:  “Hanson angry at Culleton as MPs head home”. “Senators are leaving Canberra for the long summer break with tensions frayed in One Nation.
Leader Pauline Hanson is angry her colleague Rod Culleton would not support the party's position on the 15 per cent backpacker tax, instead siding with cross benchers Derryn Hinch (Victoria) and Jacqui Lambie (Tasmania).  "I was so annoyed that Rod Culleton actually crossed the floor," she told Sky News. 
In the end, Senator Culleton backed 13 per cent but the government won the day for its 15 per cent rate with support from the Greens and the three other One Nation senators…”

Pauline, I think the question you have to ask yourself is this: 
Did the people who voted for Rod Culleton vote for him to represent their interests and the interests of West Australia first – or did they vote for him expecting him to ‘toe the party line’ even though it meant going against that which was in that State’s interest?
Might the electors have been naïve enough to think the Senator was in the Senate – the House of Review - to represent the interests of West Australia and West Australians?

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Posted to Occidental Observer’s website and Professor Kevin MacDonald’s article “America as Promised Land for Jews …”.  He writes: 

“… There is a very long liberal tradition in America, going back, most importantly, to the Puritan strand of American culture that dominated America really until the 1960s and the rise of Jewish power. This tradition prized individualism which I think has an ethnic basis. Individualists are relatively less ethnocentric, and they tend toward assimilating other groups rather than erecting strong barriers between groups…
An important strand of this type of American individualism has been to develop wildly optimistic and idealistic theories of the American future. Liberal theorists of the nineteenth century saw a future America as dominated by people who looked and thought exactly like themselves: Even people from different races would ultimately become White Anglo-Saxon and Protestant no matter what their racial or religious background…”

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 “When the restrictive powers of paper and ink, backed by legal penalties, have reached their limit, as they have long ago in the first home of Marxism, Germany, and its adopted home, Russia, their place is taken by direct methods, such as barbed wire and machine guns. The end of the process is universal slavery, which is already well on the way. The Nazis' effort, however, to establish it more or less openly under its own name, appears to be doomed to failure; it will have a better chance under the names of universal Liberty, Equality, Fraternity etc., in which guise it may deceive people longer as to its nature, and so survive longer at the bureaucratic stage.”


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Rian Malan says he's willing to give up his land (in South Africa-ed), in exchange for his life, but he would like to confirm who the rightful owners really are

Rian Malan says he's willing to give up his land, in exchange for his life, but he would like to confirm who the rightful owners really are.

"We are here unashamedly to disturb the white man’s peace. Because we have never known peace. We, the rightful owners, our peace was disturbed by white man’s arrival here. They committed a black genocide. They killed our people during land dispossession. Today, we are told don’t disturb them, even when they disturbed our peace. They found peaceful Africans here. They killed them! They slaughtered them, like animals! We are not calling for the slaughtering of white people, at least for now.... But 1994 means NOTHING without the land! Victory will only be victory if the land is restored in the hands of rightful owners. And rightful owners unashamedly is black people. This is our continent, it belongs to us."
–  EFF leader Julius Malema in a speech outside Newcastle Magistrates court last week.

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I have just watched the video on David Pascoe’s Facebook Page and of course it is simply history repeated again and again.  Former senator Paul McLean in his book “Bankers and Bastards” (1992) quoted the words of The Lord Chief Justice of England, Lord Acton who said in 1875:  
“The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks.”
It is now 2016 and Dr David Pascoe BVSc PhD OVH Repro shared Queenslander Brett Fallon's post with these words:
“This small, tragically confronting home-made video hits you between the eyes like a scene from a Quentin Tarantino movie.
It shows us everything that is broken with our Australian nation right now.  It also gives you a very different perspective on Senator Rod Cullerton, who is currently being wiped out by the big political parties and their mates in the media…”
... See more

Well, we all know that battle has not been fought – yet.  But please God, more and more people want it fought, for all Australians.
Further reading:

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Social Credit and Mass Migration by M. Oliver Heydorn

We live now in an age of mass migrations and of rumours of mass migrations. With the term ‘mass migration’ we are referring, of course, to the movement, not merely of large numbers of people, but of whole groups of people, who constitute various racial-cultural gestalts, en masse from one nation or region to another. When it comes to explaining why this mass migration has been occurring, why it is, on the whole, a negative phenomenon, and what can be done to reduce migratory flows to saner proportions and saner forms, Social Credit theory has much to contribute to the public discourse.

The Economic Cause Behind Mass Migration
It has been commonplace to explain the existence of mass migration in the modern era in terms of technological advancements and particularly in terms of revolutions in communication and transport facilities, as though it were all a largely natural development. This overlooks the fact that a great deal of the more recent waves of mass migration, those with which we are most familiar, has actually been an effect of an international economic policy. Technology is what makes the mass migration possible, to be sure, but it really does not explain why it is happening. To this question of why, Social Credit provides an original and cogent answer.

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