A brilliant letter posted on Dr David Pascoe BVSc PhD OVH Repro Facebook page, 29 June 2017:  by Ben Rankin
Ref: https://www.facebook.com/OVHRepro/posts/1013300165464527

The Newman/Frecklington 2012 campaign was based on the NO Stage 3, Vote LNP rhetoric. Let’s not forget NH (New Hope) listed the mine for sale until Newman’s lot received the large donations. Within months of being elected, Frecklington along with the huge majority over Labor that LNP had, approved the expansion, claimed the reduced area and Farmers are using the Mine for off farm employment.

LNP utterly used and abused Farmers and Agriculture in this action, along with the changing of Legislation’s over water use and Peoples Right to Object over developments.

Of course standing with the Miners so using the Workers too, who meant bugger all to get elected, Frecklington and Cripps participated in the Rally,  that seemingly was organised by the Company. Whilst Labor’s Legislation changes Bill was in Parliament being decided on.
No matter what folks think of Labor, the cold hard truth in this is the manipulation that occurred to Workers, Farmers, Parliament, fellow MPs (Hopper at the time jumped over this backflip), by the LNP MPs that are STILL heavily in the Party.

Leader, Deputy, were Treasurer and Assistant Minister to Premier Newman. If you think One Nation is a viable alternative, look again at the list of ex Newman LNP MPs are in that Party as Members, Executives, Candidates....

At this stage, whether Labor approves or doesn’t, the actions to now, by the conservative side of Qld Politics, have been NO friend to Agriculture or the Regions.

And it isn’t just Acland either, there is a list of actions over many sectors that people really need to be seeing or looking at. Bigger picture is needed to be seen, and the media-driven attacks and propaganda that was and is continuing to be spread, folks really need to consider their voting support. Decades of loyalty has been mistreated as we are seeing at Federal level too.


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