No sovereign state is obligated in any way whatsoever to accept a flood of foreign peoples into its formal territory. The European people, including Britain, were seduced into a fatal surrender of their independence in joining a monstrous centralized power organization designed to strip them of their unique cultures and independent destinies. This unholy enterprise is the brainchild of megalomaniac internationalists who for objectives of centralizing both political and economic power, under the guise of a dangerous, sedulous and deceptive idealism which is intolerant of variation or differentiation and conceives a static and enforced unity as the preferred order of civilization. The fundamentally dishonest nature of these globalist power-mongers was evident in their original attempts to “sell” the European Union as a mere economic union based upon so-called free trade. In reality the price has been the progressive and rapid loss of national and cultural and independence--and individual freedom. The European Union was a malevolent scam from the time of its conception. The punitive and extortionate penalties which it imposes upon any nation not acceding to its dictates should be sufficient warning to any intelligent individual as to the ultimate tyranny under which people would live if this monstrous entity should be allowed to continue its exercise of illegitimate and unnatural power over nations.

     The dynamic which lies behind this centralizing movement is our defective and dysfunctional system of banking (credit issue) and national cost accounting. As labour as a factor of production is rapidly being replaced by automation and artificial intelligence (i.e., technology) industry must by conventional costing methods create ultimate consumer prices at an increasingly expanding rate of flow relative to the rate at which it pays effective purchasing-power into the hands of consumers. Consumers are required ultimately to liquidate all costs of production via their purchases. Being unable to do so with their inadequate incomes, consumers are forced increasingly to rely upon credit created by banks as an ever expanding inflationary debt charged to future cycles of production. Governments attempt to mitigate this situation by themselves contracting cumulative loans from the banking system. Debt may allow immediate access to produced goods but it does not liquidate permanently the financial costs incurred in their production because, although having allowed the producer to recover his costs and repay his original production loan from his bank, their equivalent becomes a charge that is accounted against future economic activity. This is no liquidation at all. The crucial point to note here is that the actual physical costs of production are fully met at the moment any produced item is finished and ready for consumer purchase. As a society we are not permitted to access currently available product without first engaging in further production so as to earn the incomes required to purchase past production. These incomes will not be available to purchase current production of which they will, nevertheless, be accounted as a cost when these goods are completed. There is an intrinsic flaw in the price-system which distributes an increasingly insufficient flow of cost-liquidating consumer income.

      All nations are compelled to engage in an increasingly intensive, internationally provocative and futile attempt to compensate their domestic shortage of purchasing-power by capturing credits by the insane attempt to export more goods than they import. This is the sure guarantee of war. This is the primary dynamic which seduced the nations of Europe into the all-embracing European Union--a false and fatal assumption or assurance that their economic and financial problems would be solved through increased export trade with other nations. Of course all nations cannot export more than they import. This is a simple objective fact which should be, but obviously and tragically is not, patently obvious.

     The primary cause of our financial, economic and social distress is not the actual creation of credit by the banking system but rather its fraudulent claim to the ownership of the entirely necessary credit which it creates to monetize the real wealth of the people--which real wealth it does not create. This means that from a cost-accountancy standpoint the consumer is charged with capital depreciation but not credited with capital appreciation--consumers are denied the benefit of falling prices which should result from genuine advances in real production efficiency. The financial system has secured a permanent mortgage on the nation’s capital. What Karl Marx would have done to expropriate the capital of the alleged appropriators of so-called but misconceived “surplus labour value” by force of arms, the banking system has done by appropriating the communal capital through financial legerdemain.

     A continuous provision and expansion of money is essential for society to function. However the insufficiency of effective cost-liquidating consumer purchasing power which the present costing system provides must be compensated not by financial debt issue by banks as credit monopolists, i.e., through legalized counterfeiting. The product of society was created by society--increasingly not by labour but by our Cultural Heritage in the form of knowledge and technology derived from the past. It belongs to society and the financial credit required fully to distribute the product of modern industry belongs not to the banking system but to the population at large. The new additional purchasing-power required to perform this essential distributing function must be provided not by bank debt constituting a growing mortgage on our future--but as an issue of genuine cost-liquidating consumer demand issued without being accounted as debt. A National Credit Account should be created by actuarial accounting methods to evaluate the approximate value of the national real credit or actual real assets which if used might result in financial costs and prices. Credit should merely be drawn down from such an account to pay all citizens, by inalienable right of inheritance, National (Consumer) Dividends and all retailers at point of sale payments enabling them to charge lower prices, i.e., Compensated (Retail) Prices, which realistically reflect actual increases of production efficiency. Payments to retailers would be based upon a universal factor, applicable to all retail sales, determined by the changing ratio of national consumption to consumption. The true cost of production is consumption. Honest and realistic accountancy must reflect this elementary and indisputable fact.  Although these new consumption credits would diminish the National Credit Account, it would, nevertheless, always be growing as the value of new capital assets are accounted to it.

     If the above factors were properly understood and appropriate remedial measures taken as advocated, the abnormal financial compulsion to emphasize international trade relative to domestic production and consumption would be exposed for the deception and delusion that it is and the fraudulent appeal of internationalism would rapidly dissipate. The banking system is the primary destructive revolutionary influence with which we are afflicted and only recovery from it of the Cultural Heritage which it has appropriated can save Civilization.

Major C.H. Douglas on "Causes of War" - part 1 - YouTube - BBC 1934

Major C.H. Douglas on ‘The Causes of War’ - part 2 - YouTube - BBC 1934 (Robert Klinck - “Economists’ Failed Professionalism” - 2016

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