National Post (2017-10-07)
Deliverology, where are thy successes?

     An utterly unreliable source, nowhere close to the prime minister and his inner circle, who wishes to remain anonymous, and in whom I have hardly any trust whatsoever, tells me the Trudeau government may be seeking a refund from their Deliverology Guru.*

* The shaman of Deliverology (a barbarous and most uninspired coinage) is Mr. Michael Barber. A shortcut for understanding what he does is to think of him as a kind of Tony Robbins for immature governments.

     A deliverologist is a slick confidence booster for the unprepared, for those who sweep into public office (sometimes much to their own surprise) and who promised the moon and most of the outlying planets in the hope to get there, and are now in desperate need of a hired astronomer (or consultant) to get them off the hook.

     Trudeau and his top advisers brought Sir Michael into the game to teach them how to deliver (how to promise they needed no help on; Liberals promise as salmon go upstream - it’s their innate compulsion and gift). But now, at mid-point in the Trudeau term, where’s the beef?

     Did Trudeau deliver on a new electoral system by getting rid of first-pastthe-post? Nein. No delivery there. Perfect failure. As were the vaporous hearings on electoral reform, which were scuttled by the very minister who set them up.

     Has he repaired the country’s relationship with First Nation’s people? Uh-uh. The MMIW inquiry might be compared to a drawing room farce, were the subject matter not so sensitive. It has appalled the very people it was set up to serve, brought tears from many who once saw it as an instrument of mercy, and has lost the best people to conduct the inquiry through their resignations. Huge, messy, sad flop on a very sensitive file. I guess Mr. Barber and the crackerjack wisdoms of Deliverology, here, once again, failed, yes, to deliver.

     Tax reform. There is no need to detail this chaos. The video file from the Oakville town meeting with the finance minister provides all you need to see on how well this is not going over. Deliverology failure once again.

     And now to the biggest file of all. Energy and the Environment. Striking the Balance. Social Licence and the Carbon Dioxide Tax. Has Trudeau delivered on the promise to strike the perfect balance between Energy and the Environment? Well, if your idea of the perfect balance is one end of the scale hitting the roof (that would be the Green end), and the other collapsed on the floor (that would be the Energy and Pipelines end), then he has. However, if you’re more inclined to see balance as two scales more or less in equilibrious harmony, then it’s a real bust.

     Thursday, TransCanada, having spent close to a billion dollars already trying to move Energy East forward, announced it was not going ahead with the project. It rightly, though diplomatically, put the blame on the overreach of the National Energy Board, with the expanded scope of its regulations and requirements. A huge $15-billion project cancelled. This, mere weeks after Petronas walked away from any even more gigantic enterprise of some $36-to-$39-billion. Some five or six major outside investors have left the Alberta oilfields. All of this after Fort McMurray almost burnt to the ground, oil prices dropped, and jobs lost have run into the tens of thousands.

     And then there’s Trans Mountain, which the government has “approved.” I drop the scare quotes because, while Trudeau has indeed offered approval to Trans Mountain, he is at his most tepid, formulaic, dutiful and uninspiring when doing so. Catch him at a WE day hootenanny if you want to hear him really make a pitch. Or at a Women of the World seance in full trumpet blast on the wonders of male feminism. In such settings, the accents of commitment, determination and enthusiasm are at full pitch. On Trans Mountain, he whispers. On the environmental side of this famous balance, he’s Elmer Gantry on steroids. On the oil industry, he’s a silent spectator, bringing to my mind the phrase from Hamlet: “you who are but mutes and witness to this act.” ...”
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When we are bombarded with strident ideological exhortations to make radical modifications to our experience-based and customary ways of doing things and these exhortations are accompanied by predictions of impending crises and disaster, with imposition of threatening and punitive policies to compel adherence, where skeptical “recalcitrants” are subject to ridicule, professional exclusion, crude defamation and deliberate suppression by attempts to deny and sabotage speaking venues, etc., I think that we have great cause for alarm.

     This is the crucial time to question the validity and credibility of such ideological tyrants and to discern the paths of money and power.

     These policies inevitably and invariably involve the expansion of arbitrary State power and these people in general hope to have an administrative role in the application of such policies.  This is called the “Will-to-Power” and its pursuit has tragic historical antecedents and precedents which we would be ill-advised to ignore.

     The current furor and craze over “LGBT” issues is another of the schemes concocted with the primary regressive objective of destroying the foundations of existing society with the ultimate purpose of vesting more power in the hands of the State.  This involves the elevation of human reason above natural law and its replacement of it by fallible human conceit.

     Human reason is an essential attribute but when it asserts itself above the laws of the universe, rather than attempting to discover and conform to them, this can lead to utter disaster.  Pride cometh before a fall.

     Globalism is a manifestation of Marxism, which latter makes the specious, absurd and disingenuous promise that having erected an edifice of absolute power this power structure will somehow miraculously melt away.  Anyone who would accept this kind of dishonest enticement is credulous indeed.

A Colleague Wrote:
That is so well said, Wallace.  “Globalism” or “Marxism” are all working to destroy the modern society - I’m not yet sure who will actually benefit.  Not the mass populace because they will be robbed of food & shelter.  Only the very rich & powerful will escape the devastation that will result from such a collapse of society.
     John Robson did a documentary refuting the findings of Al Gore & the army of Eco-Fascists that have sprouted over the last few decades: