THEY DIDN’T UNDERSTAND THE PROBLEM ‘Service Not Self’ – C.H. Douglas, 1949

Amongst the more repellent forms of bilge with which the Socialist era is connected, is its claim to represent “Service, not Self.”

We neither forget nor overlook such men as Maurice, Kingsley, Ruskin, and with certain reservations, Keir Hardie. They were good and great men, and their fatal defect (much more fatal than culpable) was that they did not understand the problem with which they wished to deal.

But the vast majority (and we speak from varied personal contact) of the Socialists, who were the forerunners of the Communists, now trying to displace them, were pure careerists. They saw money and power in Socialism - “jobs for the boys”- And the other - “Service not Self”-ers, the Sanhedrin behind the Rotary Clubs, the International Peacers, Columbia University, the London School of Economics, etc., have seen that they got them; in most cases quite small jobs, but better than working for a living.

As for “Service,” 95 per cent of the population of the country obtained better service from the industrial system in the late nineteenth century than 50 per cent receive today. The matter is far from being one of statistics; the question of what a man gets out of life is just as much bound up with what he wants to get out of life, as it is with the actual, material articles which his system allows him to appropriate. The Sanhedrin has devoted its most skilful propaganda to the fomentation of discontents and to providing grounds for them.

At the risk of labouring the point, we consider it to be nothing short of Black Magic that the population of this country, most of whom can read and write, cannot see, or does not heed, the deception which is being practised on it, or to where that deception is leading.

Looking at the material side, can anyone in his senses suppose that a man in the position of Sir John Boyd-Orr *(Lord Orr, God save: us!) can broadcast on September 23, 1936: “Not only can we produce real wealth in abundance, but we are doing it with less and less labour. Thus, in the case of wheat, which is an outstanding example of easy production, it is estimated that with modern machinery and modern methods, half a day’s work of one man is equivalent to a month’s work at the beginning of the (Twentieth) century” and, ten years later from the eminence (?) of a world organisation, warn us solemnly that we are in danger of starvation, and be right in both cases, if he is telling us all the relevant facts?
* The Scottish physician and biologist John Boyd Orr emerged in the inter-war years as one of Britain’s leading experts on nutrition…. ed

There are twenty-one million people “employed” in this country today; nearly double the number employed last century; and they are producing worse results. But the Black Magic goes much deeper than material things. It conceals the fact that Socialism is simply an incredibly (perhaps that is why) clever scheme of robbery-without-risk-to-the-robbers.

In preparation for this scheme, the whole moral code of civilisation has been undermined, such land-marks of Christian Law as Magna Carta and Habeas Corpus (vide 18b) have been overturned, a new theory of the Divine Right of Parliaments has been set up, property has been seized without compensation, the currency debauched, and the Public Services reduced to the level of those of a Balkan State fifty years ago.

Socialism, the misuse of the State to further sectional interests, is quite inevitably universal war - the war of the group on every individual. One section of the group is bribed by robbing another, only to be robbed in turn, just as the Russian peasants were bribed to attack their landlords, and were, within six months, deprived of the land they had coveted.

The elements - only the elements - of a stable and potentially satisfactory society are:

· Security for life and property:
· fluid (not full) employment;
· low and falling prices;
· negligible taxes never political or “moral”;
· simple laws, few in number and drastically limited Constitutionally.

Imperfectly, but perfectibly, we had these elements sixty years ago; today we have none of them. And there are people who call that Progress!

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