The Western Betrayal of Civilisation

     “…All of us are standing on the brink of a great historical cataclysm, a flood that swallows up civilisation and changes whole epochs… we have all got to face up to a crisis - not just a social crisis, not just a political crisis, not just a military crisis. And we must not only face up to this crisis, but we must stand firm in this great upheaval - an upheaval similar to that which marked the transition from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance . . . Will we ever succeed in shaking off this burden, in giving free reign to the spirit that was breathed into us at birth, that spirit that distinguishes us from the animal world?”
 - - Alexander Solzhenitsyn in The Western Betrayal of Civilisation - B.B.C. Address, 1976

THE NEW BARBARISM by Eric D. Butler, On Target 28...