The War On Cars by Wallace Klinck

     There is a heavy ideological content, often accompanied by financial incentive, in the program for moving toward so-called “Green” modes of transportation.  These involve costs which generally are not openly publicized or often not even considered by some of these enthusiasts and/or demagogues, and freedom of choice in movement is usually a victim of these centrist programs which typically include increasingly exclusive schemes for mass transport by prescribed conditions and routes.

     I believe that there is good reason to suspect that especially militant proponents of such schemes are at least as motivated by envy and hatred of human freedom as they are about responsible use of the earth’s resources.  They probably feel empowered to the extent that they are able to control the actions of other citizens.  This is the “Will-to-Power” in action and manifests as domination and control by intimidation through rampant legalism inspired by equalitarian dogma and which goes far beyond realistic practical considerations of necessity and provides a weapon for ideological tyrants who conjure apocalyptic visions of universal scarcity and disaster to terrorize their victims into submission.  

     Underlying all of this fervent impetus for regimentation is a contempt for the individual person who is assumed to be a base creature incapable of rational or moral behaviour, which virtues presumably must be imposed extraneously by a self-appointed superior and omniscient elite.  Perhaps not so strangely, this elite seems to encourage those very negative conditions and less desirable human attributes, characteristics and behaviours which appear to “justify” their quest for arbitrary power.

     There is no doubt a justifiable place for human law—but when it arbitrarily exceeds the boundaries of actual practical need, unnecessarily to constrict legitimate freedom of human action functioning with reference to natural law, it becomes an instrument of tyranny, i.e., Pharisaism incarnate.  

     The universities, once considered as sanctuaries and champions of freedom of thought and open and objective enquiry, seem increasingly to have been hijacked by those who are indoctrinating idealistically vulnerable students with a narrow and imposing ideology more characteristic of tyranny than of a free society. 
     The existing increasingly dysfunctional, dis-equilibrating and non- self-lliquidating financial system serves this nefarious and destructive process by creating and intensifying a proliferation of quite unnecessary and artificially induced economic and social problems which seem to beg State interference as the only apparent means of dealing with them.  Being ignorant of the crucial and determining financial factor, an unsuspecting society is drawn ever more into ineffectual, futile and specious State or false collectivist “solutions"—which, being predicated upon unsound principles, tend to magnify or proliferate our problems rather than to resolve them.

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