As a background to the Lusaka conference of heads of what is now called “the Commonwealth”, it should be recalled what was agreed to at the Hilton Hotel Conference of those Commonwealth heads who accepted Prime Minister (Malcolm) Fraser’s invitation to meet in Sydney in February of last year, 1978.

     Section 14 of the official communiqué, issued on February 16, read “Reviewing the situation in Southern Africa, Heads of Government reiterated their concerns and commitments expressed in London in June, 1977 (at the Commonwealth Conference) “Condemning the racist system of apartheid in South Africa they have once again called on the international community to take effective measures to compel South Africa to bring about majority rule. “They welcomed the recent talks held in Malta on Zimbabwe in the context of the Anglo-American proposals, and stressed their belief that any solution from which the Patriotic Front was excluded would be unacceptable to the international community.”

     The Hilton Hotel agreement made it clear that the Fraser Government is committed to the use of compulsion to force South Africa to “bring about majority rule” and to the inclusion of the Marxist backed Patriotic Front in the Government of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia.
     The same Prime Minister who waxes eloquent on the evils of racism demonstrates on the Zimbabwe-Rhodesian issue that he is prepared to support the black racists who at the time of writing are meeting in Lusaka. These racists are insisting that, even though a black government has been elected in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia, that government is unacceptable to them because it insists that it requires the white minority to stay in the country.
     The black racists and their principal supporter, Prime Minister Fraser, are breathtaking with their hypocrisy: they have no objection to black minority governments. And not a word of criticism against the violent and savage methods of repression used by some of these governments.

     On his way to the Lusaka conference, travelling in one of his two V.I.P. Boeing 707s, Prime Minister Fraser dropped in at the Seychelles, currently run by President Rene, who was elected as President last month under a new constitution which conveniently permits only Rene’s party to contest “elections”.  At the 1977 London Commonwealth Conference, where Prime Minister Fraser made headlines with his revolting attacks upon Rhodesia and South Africa, the newly independent Seychelles was initially represented by James Mancham. But in the middle of the conference his Government was overthrown in a coup by pro-Communist France Albert Rene.

     Prime Minister Fraser and his fellow advocates of “majority rule” for South Africa and Rhodesia raised no objections to what happened in the Seychelles. In fact, if press reports are correct, the Fraser Government is going to provide pro-Communist Rene with some aid at the expense of the Australian taxpayers.

     As for the Anglo-American proposals for Rhodesia supported by Prime Minister Fraser and his Foreign Minister, Andrew Peacock, at the Hilton Hotel conference, these were immediately denounced by the Patriotic Front leaders, Nkomo and Mugabe, who demanded the creation of a single party Marxist regime. Time and time again these two terrorist leaders have made it clear that they will not accept any proposals to participate peacefully in Zimbabwe-Rhodesian affairs unless the present police and armed forces are disbanded and brought under Patriotic Front control.  Only the armed forces and the police mainly under white direction, but with the majority of members black, stand between the bloodbath, which Nkomo and Mugabe threaten.

     By aiding and abetting those seeking to weaken the last thin line of resistance to the Marxist strategy for Zimbabwe-Rhodesia, Malcolm John Fraser must go down as the most treacherous and hypocritical Prime Minister Australians have ever had to suffer.  In their own interests, as well as those of Australia, the Liberal Party should replace Malcolm Fraser with a patriotic Australian who is prepared to challenge the domestic and foreign policies, which have produced the present deepening crisis.