I have simply changed certain words in the following article from those of Ivor Benson’s where he explained former PM Ian Smith’s betrayal of his Rhodesian people and nation.
Benson asked the question:

How else are we to explain the dazed incomprehension with which the rank and file members of the Liberal Party, even members of parliament, even cabinet ministers, looked on as one by one all those ‘evil geniuses’, genuine opponents of the socialist world revolution, were defamed, tricked, driven out of the party, or in some other way deprived of any influence?

The Tragedy of Australia’s Malcolm Turnbull/Christopher Pyne:
The truth about what happened to the country once known as Australia may be of little value to those still forced to live in the country, but there is a lesson to be learned by the rest of the world...

     Examining the tragic role of Minister Christopher Pyne and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull one can see the saga which has made headlines all over the world is drawing to a close.

     Why the persecution of the leader of Australia’s soon to be Anglo-Saxon Christian minority?
Since the Liberal Coalition was infiltrated and became known as ‘the Broad Church’ the drama has unfolded with the iron inevitability of a Greek tragedy. There is only one way in which the latest news can be rendered intelligible and worthy of any comment, and that is to re-tell the story in the fewest and simplest words, and to show that what is now happening is the inescapable consequence of what these men believed and tried to do—in defiance of repeated warnings. This is something they never understood, still does not understand, and probably never will understand.

The whole truth is compressed into one paragraph:

Mr. Pyne/Turnbull is not a conservative, let alone a rightwing extremist, never was a conservative and  never will be. He is a liberal or progressive, or leftist, always was and always will be.

     Thus an astonishing situation has been created in which a dyed-in-the-wool liberal finds himself today the prime minister and minister of a small country which has adopted a posture of defiance towards a revolutionary imperialism, which is essentially liberal, leftist, call it what you will.

The weirdness of their behaviour as leaders of the Liberal Coalition can be easily explained:

They were playing a double game; betraying the party whose programme of principles they had publicly endorsed; and were doing this from a position of strength, profoundly convinced that they were advancing the cause of truth and justice, and always covertly supported from sources outside their party.    
Therefore, it was not the outside powers trying to enforce revolutionary change in Australia these men were fighting—their real opponents were the members of parliament who had chosen them as minster and prime minister plus, of course, the rank and file members of the Party, whose energy and enthusiasm had secured the defeat of the frankly Socialist/Labor…”
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Original precepts of Illuminism are as follows:

“Apply yourselves to the art of counterfeit, to hiding and masking yourselves in observing others...”

“The end sanctifies the means. The good of the Order justifies calumnies, poisonings, murders, perjuries, treasons, rebellions; briefly, all that the prejudices of men call crimes...”

“We must take care that our writers be well puffed and that the reviewers do not depreciate them; therefore we must endeavour by every means to gain over the reviewers and the journalists; and we must try also to gain the booksellers, who in time will see it is in their interest to side with us.”

“If a writer publishes anything that attracts notice, we must endeavour to win him over or decry him...”

“Every person shall be made a spy on another and all around him...”

“We must acquire the direction of education, of church management, of the professorial chair and of the pulpit...”

“We must win the common people in every quarter...”

“It is necessary to establish a universal régime of domination, a form of government that will spread out over the whole world.”

(Nesta Webster, ‘World Revolution’ Op. cit., p. 297 if.)

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