THE NEW BARBARISM by Eric D. Butler, On Target 28 August 1998

     The lessons of history are clear for all those who read them. But these lessons must be learnt, and acted upon, if ever there is to be peace on earth. The faster the growth of centralised power, the greater the social dislocations and violence. The faster the growth of violence at all levels throughout the world, the faster the retreat from civilisation.
- - Eric D. Butler

We are republishing an article Eric D. Butler wrote in 1998.  But of course I can remember him sounding such warnings much earlier than 1998. Having absorbed Clifford Hugh Douglas’ analysis of Christian philosophy and history, Eric could see what was happening to the present western world.  Read on:

     “Not surprisingly, when President Bill Clinton unleashed the awesome military-technological might against what were claimed to be terrorist training centres in Asia and Africa, cynical voices were heard suggesting that these American attacks were an attempt to divert attention away from Clinton’s growing domestic problems. Whether true or not, these attacks were unfortunately timed. And they have helped to increase anti-American feeling throughout a Moslem world in which the close relationship between the USA and the Zionists is a major factor.

     Israel’s open participation in the American operation in the SUDAN has contributed to anti-Jewish feelings throughout the Moslem world. As a number of authorities on the Middle East, like the prominent anti-Zionist American Jew Dr. Alfred Lilenthal have stressed, American standing throughout the Moslem world has been seriously jeopardised by the close relationship between the USA and Zionist Israel.

     President Yeltsin of Russia was quick to condemn the American attacks in Asia and Africa, no doubt conscious of the Moslem populations to the South. It is often overlooked that the Moslem peoples were a major factor in the Soviet Union, particularly in the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. While Pax Britannica, sustained by the British Navy, was not universally loved at the height of its international influence, it was at least universally respected.

     The concept of justice was closely associated with British influence everywhere. I well recall the look of astonishment on the faces of some Americans at a World Anti-Communist Conference in Washington, USA, when a representative from Pakistan praised British rule in India, stating that many would welcome the return of the British Raj who had impartially imposed a rule of law which protected all minorities. The inhuman practice of Sutee, where widows were burned alive with their dead husbands on funeral pyres, was outlawed, although there are reports of the practice being restored in some parts of modern India. The murderous Thugee gangs were eliminated by the British. British influence was such that law and order was maintained by a handful of British officials.

     Almost immediately following the withdrawal of the British, under international pressure, at the end of the Second World War, the whole sub-continent exploded into unprecedented communal violence engulfing hundreds of thousands. Probably 2 million or more died. British imperialism at its best reflected a different type of culture to that being reflected by an American culture deeply influenced by the murderous American Civil War.

     The modern USA is a nation, which has been increasingly torn from the best of its historic roots and increasingly influenced by the Judaic value system. Modern USA has emerged as the major base for the promotion of some type of a New World Order. Wall Street is synonymous with “Dollar Diplomacy”. The USA with its vast natural resources, and the dominant role of an international financial system with a global influence, has emerged as the major imperial power of the post Second World War. But as this new type of imperialism expands its influence, and its cultures, it becomes increasingly disliked around the world.

     Because of its historic association with the establishment of the Zionist State of Israel, and because it is universally seen as the enemy of national cultures, its present Zionist policy makers are playing a major role in polarising the world. They are responsible for a growing reaction among the Moslem nations against the West. Every time the USA uses its technical superiority against the Moslems, it confirms the Moslem view that the West has cut itself off from its historic Christian roots and is now dominated by what are termed “technical barbarians”.
A number of different philosophers have stressed that what remains of the Christian West is doomed unless it can re-discover its traditional Christian roots.

A civilisation is the result of the incarnation of a value system
     The plight of the whole world demonstrates that the high watermark of Western civilisation was reached late last century. The reality of the West’s peril has been masked by a misreading of history. A civilisation is the result of the incarnation of a value system, generally over a long period of time. The great Roman Civilisation, the major foundation of the development of Western civilisation, did not collapse suddenly because it was unable to prevent the barbarians from invading from outside, but the result of a slow decay inside. The decline of Rome took place over centuries.

     Many historians have misread what happened by concentrating on the effect of the decay rather than on basic causes. While it was the centralisation of power, which was the basic cause, that centralisation was linked to the same factor fostering centralisation today: the money system and the perversion of that system. The destruction of Rome’s backbone, the self-dependent peasantry, by the establishment of one of the first recorded versions of collective farming, the letifunddia, was the result of growing financial debt. The centralisation of the population into the bigger cities, and all the social problems associated with bigger cities, was an inevitable outcome - in effect, now a basic cause.

     The lessons of history are clearly for all those who read them. But these lessons must be learnt, and acted upon, if ever there is to be peace on earth. The faster the growth of centralised power, the greater the social dislocations and violence. The faster the growth of violence at all levels throughout the world, the faster the retreat from civilisation.

     Consider the state of Africa following “liberation” from Western colonialism. Renewed violence in the Congo tells its own tragic message. Communist Mugabe, of what was once known as Rhodesia, is not far removed from his savage forbears and the charnel house conditions, which David Livingstone and the early Christian missionaries found. But he and his supporters now have access to the technology, which enables them to kill at a much faster rate than their fellows.
In the main, the technology has been provided by the West, by Western organisations which find it is “good business” to do so. And the creators of the money supply, in the form of financial credit, are only too happy to contribute to the modern carnage.

     Those who have centralised power to the point where they can, temporarily, impose their will on the others, are helping to dig the graves of civilisation. They are in the forefront of the forces of death. They are anti-life.

     Unless President Bill Clinton intends to replace his policies of vengeance with more constructive policies, he and his colleagues will go down in history as similar to those responsible for the notorious destruction of the city of Carthage.”

The Western Betrayal of Civilisation