It was in March 2012 the Institute of Historical Revisionism (IHR) wrote of “America’s Great, Flawed Ideology of Individualism” (March 21, 2012).  Since that time the situation has only got worse and the American people struggle even more.  This has all been brought to mind by the recent newspaper headlines of the latest bombing in Manchester United Kingdom and the reported death of 29 teenagers in the bomb-blast. At the time  (2012) the IHR wrote:

“America’s ever more obvious cultural disintegration and social paralysis, and its erosion of national identity and purpose, are not minor or temporary problems, but are symptoms of a deep-rooted social-political illness and a systemic failure of the country’s democratic-capitalist system. In large measure, this sickness is the predictable, inevitable consequence of America’s basic ideology of “pursuit of happiness” individualism.  A guiding outlook that was useful, and perhaps even necessary, in an earlier age is now a liability. The ideology laid out in the US Declaration of Independence greatly encouraged this country’s astonishing dynamism, growth, inventiveness and prosperity, especially during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. But the core outlook that once contributed to this country’s development is incapable of sustaining a stable and healthy society. Especially in recent decades, America’s “pursuit of happiness” ideology has, inevitably and inexorably, been hastening our nation’s social-political dissolution and decline.”

     The problem is not the individual American’s ‘ideological pursuit of happiness’ as the IHR suggests, the problem is the continual push for centralisation of power and control over individual Americans. To achieve this control, the one-worlders have to destroy the structures the founding fathers, and those who came after them, built up – along with the targeted individual Americans.

     It is happening world-wide.  But this didn’t happen overnight, the hidden dark forces have been ‘burrowing away’ at the structures for at least the last hundred years.  One man who identified these forces at work was Clifford Hugh Douglas and the following is simply a short summary of some of his warnings that go back to the early 20th century.

… I am convinced that if you go along the lines that you are following at present, and if you continue along those lines for any considerable period of time ... I am perfectly certain that you are heading for the most terrific disaster the mind of man can conceive.
- - From Evidence by Major C.H. Douglas before Select Standing Committee on Banking and Commerce, House of Commons, Canada, April 1923.

     I will put the objective as I see it for your consideration in a very general form and that is, we want to establish a correct relationship between the individual and the group so that the group, and the attributes of the group shall serve the individual and not the Individual be the slave of the group.

The Proper Relationship Between the Individual and the Group
     The whole of society exists from my point of view - it may not be yours - but from my point of view the whole of society exists for the benefit of the individual. ... The great danger at the present time is not that the present financial system will persist ... but that under the confusion that will exist as a result of the crises caused by the breakdown of the financial system, an even greater tyranny may be put over on you as in the cases of many countries at the present time, and which is in active progress in still more countries even as I speak.
That is the danger, and you must keep in your minds, to avoid that danger, some clear objective, and that objective, the proper relationship of the individual to the group, is in my opinion, the relationship and objective to which we want to strive. ...

     We are at the present time unquestionably under the domination of a financial system, which rules us. It rules us in our most basic necessities; the necessity for bed, board and clothes, and the other things that go to make up the standard of living. But we do not want to transfer that domination from, let us say, what we can call the banking, system under another name to something we call the State.
We have no desire whatever if we will analyse what our objective is, to change one master for a still more powerful master. That is one of the greatest dangers at the present time - that large bodies of people will be carried away by words of which they have not analysed the meaning. ... The opponents in this matter - we will put it on its lowest terms - can either allow the world to be plunged into another great delirium tremens, another great World War, or the opponents themselves can take steps to change the system.

A Tyranny of Finance to a Tyranny of Administration
     Now I have myself no doubt as to what is happening at this particular time, and that is that the opponents are endeavouring to change the system and the endeavour is being made to change over from the tyranny of finance to a tyranny of administration. That is being pursued with extraordinary sagacity.
It is coming in many nations, at this particular moment almost under your very eyes. ...

     In Great Britain the phrase under which this change is taking place is called Rationalisation or Planning; in Italy as the Fascisti or Corporate State; in Russia it is the Dictatorship of the Proletariat ... and is being aimed at in Germany by the Nazis … Whether it be by accident or design, the world is steadily moving over from a financial tyranny which has both the elements of breakdown and has also been found out to another tyranny, a tyranny of administration ... the setting up of an entire State which can say, “You shall do so and so”. “You shall have such and such rations”. “You shall live in such and such a house, you shall work such and such hours”. “You shall be taught such and such things”. “And any deviation from those laws which we lay down for you will be penalised by either starvation or by all the rigours of the law”.  (In America it was the New Deal…ed)
 - - Extracts from a speech by Major C.H. Douglas at Calgary, Alberta, Canada, April 1934.

In February 1935 Douglas Again Warned
     “You have two alternatives; you can drift passively through concealed stages to an absolute dictatorship of finance as suggested in the New Deal where you have a cabinet, a dictatorship of three or four who will do exactly what the big financiers and manufacturers want them to do, and will subordinate the ends of the common man to the social interests of this or that industry.
This insistence upon production all over the world, as though the problem were one of production, is a matter that is hypnotising people into assuming that they must be regimented in industry...

     If you allow this thing to go passively you will be regimented through various stages until we arrive at an effective dictatorship in which nothing can be done, and we shall be hurried by the inevitable results into either another world war, which is looming up very fast at the present time, or one long series of revolts and ultimate chaos. That is one of the paths, which you can follow...

     The other path is take a hand in your destiny and say, no, I can say quite fearlessly that the world is faced with a succession of dictatorships, and I am willing to take the risk of trying a real democracy as a very much preferable alternative. The game is in your hands, as they say at Monte Carlo. Make your play faites vos jeux. The game will not wait.
It will take one direction or another at the very longest, within the next five years.”
Address by Major C.H. Douglas on February 1st 1935.

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