Professor Paul Frijters and Dr Cameron Murray, in their book “The Game of Mates” have pulled back the curtain to expose ‘the game of mates’ who dominate our business world and the political parties, whilst skimming off $ billions from Australia’s economy – all legal if not ethical.

Journalist Michael West writes:
     “There is one class of people in Australia which transcends political parties, dominates the business world and is the key to getting rich. That is, mates. Working hard is good, watching Anthony Robins tapes might help, but if you really want to get ahead, say Dr Cameron Murray and Professor Paul Frijters in their new book, ‘Game of Mates’, find yourself some good old mates. This is a tale of feather-nesting mates who skim billions from Australia’s economy to line their own pockets. Whether it’s property, mining, infrastructure or banking, the mates have their snouts firmly in it, helping themselves to a large chunk of Australia’s economic pie.

Economist Cameron Murray talks about his new book
     Over the past few years, the cosy corporate and political power structures of Australia have been brought under the public spotlight for all to see.  The tax avoidance of multinationals is no longer hidden. Nor is the cartel power granted to the major banks. The privatisation of core government functions has become widely criticised and the dodgy public-private partnerships that provide free public guarantees of private returns are out in the open and are now hotly debated. As is the massive clean-up cost of Australian mine sites.

See The Australia Institute’s report ‘The Dark Side of the Boom NSW’ here…
     It is timely then to take stock of the common features of this systematic grab for Australia wealth.
     Cameron Murray writes:  In my new book, Game of Mates: How favours bleed the nation, written jointly with Professor Paul Frijters, I take a rigorous economic lens to this problem and try and unpick exactly what it takes for well-connected insiders to siphon off the country’s wealth. The game of grey corruption we are seeing – which is unethical, yet often very much legal – is a play for an unearned part of our shared wealth that takes place deep in the halls of Australia’s largest companies, and in our parliaments.”

     And silly you, you thought that by hard work and the right attitude you would work your way to the Top!