Paul Kelly of The Australian sees Tony Abbott, as devoid of personal popularity, is wanting to launch a struggle ‘for the soul’ of the Liberal Party.
Somebody should point out to Paul Kelly that ‘a Party’ does not have a ‘soul’ to begin with.  Maybe, Tony Abbott, who professes to be a Christian should purge his soul of Party dominance!

It behooves us all to seriously consider what Jordan B. Peterson had to say on the matter of ‘belief’.
Go to: Dr Jordan Peterson: Nov 9, 2015 **Religion, Myth, Science, Truth**

Fundamental Root of Pathology – The Lie
The following highlights are some challenging observations Peterson makes on  the video:
Christianity makes the assumption that it is the Word of God that pulls order out of chaos. ‘At the beginning of time is the Logos’, the thing that is Christ, so many eons later, is the same thing.  What does that mean?.... he asks.
Christians figure out that the Logos is very much associated with ARTICULATED truth.
Paraphrasing:  If you embody the immortal soul properly you are the thing that generates order from chaos.

In some sense the core doctrine of Christianity is:
The truth buttresses you most thoroughly against the vicissitudes of being. That’s your salvation, the truth – the spoken truth.
Christians might say:  Well, if you believe in Christ you’re saved.
Peterson asks:  What do you mean by ‘saved’?  Just because you say that doesn’t mean that you believe it at all.  It has almost no bearing on what you believe.
The question is:  How do you ACT?
And the fundamental question beneath all of that is:  Is your speech TRUE?
The rule is:  Live in accordance with the truth and see what happens.  In the Sermon on the Mount Christ basically says:  Set your sights on allegiance to God – i.e., whatever the highest value we’ll say, and act in a manner in concordant with that – that’s your goal.  Then pay attention to the here and now.  That’s your best strategy for the future.

Then you might say, “Prove that.”  That’s when the question might become existential.  You can’t prove it, you have to try it.  That’s like Kierkegaard’s ‘leap of faith’.
You cannot tell if this works – unless you do it. That’s a commitment.

What if the fundamental root of political patholgy is The Lie?
There are two ways of being  - Christ’s way and the manipulative way.
The manipulative – archetypically, the adversarial way of being.  It’s got the lie at its core.  That’s completely different to the path Christ has shown...."

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Dr Jordan Peterson: Nov 9, 2015 **Religion, Myth, Science, Truth**