Social Credit Exposed The Scam Last Century by Wallace Klinck

     It is tragic to observe society again being swept up in the false and fabricated Left-Right dialectic as the Banking Fraternity continues to dominate from its safe abode hidden above the storm--centralizing both wealth and power all the while in its megalomaniacal drive for World Dominion.  

     Social Credit exposed this scam in the early part of the last century and provided the appropriate recommendations to eliminate the prevailing system of continuing and exponentially expanding financial debt.  Communism/socialism and fascism both build up from the State rather than from the individual.

     Genuine democracy requires a consumer-motivated economy wherein the consumers at large always have sufficient income to purchase the entire current output of consumer goods as they emerge from the production line--without any necessity for debt.  All goods are physically paid for when they are completed and the financial system should accurately reflect this irrefutable fact.

     Human labour is rapidly being replaced as a factor of production by technology.  Labour is entitled to its own reward but this is diminishing rapidly as other factors of production contribute to production.   We must break the rigid relationship between human effort and income.

     We need National Dividends and Compensated (Retail) Prices to provide adequate consumer purchasing-power and falling prices as real efficiency continues to rise.  

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