So, You Want to Clean up the World — Can You Even Clean Your Room? How Jordan B. Peterson Is Bringing Order out of Chaos


     By tapping into people’s need for order and desire to understand deeper concepts, Professor Jordan B. Peterson is helping the right and left to start understanding one another.

Peterson is becoming the meta hero who helps other heroes fight their dragons and climb their dominance hierarchies

     A mild-mannered, soft-spoken, past middle-aged University of Toronto psychology professor with an adorable Ontario accent has taken over YouTube to fight political correctness and other chaos. Dr. Jordan B Peterson (JBP) has posted his lectures, and other random thoughts on social media.

     These postings are creating news ways of understanding the old ways of looking at the world. With a unique combination of evolutionary psychology, Jungian mythological psychology and the study of evil, he is breathing new life into the tired old binary between right wing and left wing ideological worldviews.

     His rise to fame started last summer when using standard home technology, he posted his disagreements with a new piece of proposed legislation called C-16.   C-16 is an act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code to include transgender language sensitivity. The amendment that went into law In June, 2017 according to JBP crosses a new boundary never breached in Western Civilization.

     That new boundary is compelled speech. Every transgender now has the right to force other people, to call them by the pronoun that they want to be called. Even if those pronouns are words that have never been in any English dictionary. The pronouns zhe and zher are examples of new vocabulary words made for this occasion.

     Dr. Peterson calls this compelled speech because it proactively forces people to use certain words. Previously offensive speech could be punished, now not using certain speech will be punished.

     Dr. Peterson’s objection to these “made-up” words does not fit into a quick soundbite. To understand his objection one needs to follow his fascinating ideological path that starts with the dominance hierarchy of lobsters as they evolved out of the mush. Then proceeds to stories of human heroes transmitted by oral tradition.

     Heroes are the people who rise to the top of the dominance hierarchy to fight the reptile’s monsters of chaos like the snake from the Garden of Eden. Heroes restore order after fighting the dragon/snake/chaos monsters.

     The Jewish/Hebrews culture took an evolutionary leap because not only did they write down their oral traditions about heroes who fought the chaos monster and climbed the dominance hierarchies, but also because they had people like Moses. Moses and other Jewish prophets were not prophets because they could supernaturally see into the future, but because they paid attention to patterns. Moses and the prophets could see the patterns that led to chaos and make protective laws like the Ten Commandments. But the prophets could also see the patterns through recorded history.

     And the patterns through recorded history says that there are always chaos monsters waiting to come up from the deep and grab you. They want to grab you like the Whale grabbed Jonah, and St. George’s dragon grabbed the virgins and Monstro grabbed Pinocchio’s father.

     And Pinocchio could only become a real boy by rescuing his father from the underworld where the chaos monster keeps him. Pinocchio represents impulsive youth and his father represents order and tradition. And each generation should save their father and revivify tradition to protect itself from the chaos monster.  

     And language is a tradition that is handed down from each generation. Language evolves, but it evolves organically via day-to-day negotiations with real humans. Language does not get created in government committees by ideologues who could not climb the dominance hierarchies the normal way.

     These ideologues now enjoy power and self- righteous virtue signal by forcing other people to use their made- up vocabulary words. Because that’s what the Bolsheviks did in Russia, nobody believed that when they said they wanted to destroy everything, they really meant it.

     Read Dostoevsky—he was a prophet, he got it. He saw the chaos monster coming. And you have to draw a line. Read the Gulag Archipelago to see how far self-righteous virtue signalers will go to be in control of their dominance hierarchy.

     Read Ordinary Men to see how ordinary non-Nazi German police offers stationed in Poland during World War Two first crossed one boundary, then crossed another boundary, then another until they became monsters. You have to draw, a line, any line and say this is how far I will go to appease people and no further.

     And being forced to use made up pronouns is as good a line as any. And JBP is willing to accept the penalties, for not using transgender made up pronouns. Penalties that include fines and forced re-education that if not obeyed will lead to prison.

     What is fascinating about Dr. Peterson is that his long run-on, disjointed explanations instead of repulsing people attracts a still growing following among millennials. His YouTube channel lectures received over a million views in its first few months.

     Whenever he grants interviews to the various talk shows, their metrics reach astronomical heights. And his listeners are not passive. In the YouTube comment sections, people comment on how they are beginning to fight the chaos monsters in their life. They start with cleaning their room; bringing order out of chaos. Then they set life goals, goals that necessitate battling the chaos monsters of drug and alcohol addiction.

     His latest lecture release commented that marriage is best for adults and children. The next morning Jordan Peterson Facebook Discussion Group fills with people discussing marrying long-term live-in partners, something they had never considered before. JBP is becoming the meta hero who helps other heroes fight their dragons and climb their dominance hierarchies.

     In addition to cleaning rooms, JBP’s Youtube comment section shows people discussing how they are rethinking philosophies, worldviews and ideologies.

     Young people who had despised religion, now look at faith with fresh understanding. They are not ready to convert, but at least they have stopped their contempt.  

     People who have been immersed in LGBTQ ideology start seeing themselves as foolish bullies, not willing to see opposing points of view. Transgenders have personally written to JBP saying the Canadian Human Rights does not speak for them. The experience of opposing ideologically minded people listening to each other instead of talking past each other is a rare treat.

     This Canadian professor’s internet popularity is a complete surprise to everyone, especially himself. Jungian mythology, Pinocchio, lobster hierarchies, Solzhenitsyn, Nazis and transgender activists all become unlikely parts of Dr. Peterson’s popularity.

     By tapping into people’s need for order and desire to understand deeper concepts he maybe starting the revolution needed for the right and left to start understanding one another.

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