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"Simon Mulvany via <> " 2 September 2017

     On Friday 1 September 2017, the first day of Spring, the NSW Supreme Court lifted injunctions restraining Simon from speaking openly about the manner in which Capilano Honey Limited has taken injurious falsehood and defamation action against him.
According to Simon:

“Capilano is bullying me for informing consumers about its massive stockpiles of industrial honey, much imported from China and elsewhere”
“Now I bear the burden of proving the literal truth of every disparaging statement I’ve made about Capilano and its CEO Ben McKee. Their case against me is huge and been going for over 18 months”
“I’m funding my legal defence on 'gofundme' and I cannot thank my social media followers enough. They have been fantastic and I feel well supported. Even though it is only me that is being sued, when other beekepers complain Capilano just sucks it up – but me they’re suing for like $3,000,000 to cover their legal costs”
“I also want to thank Moreheads Lawyers, without them I wouldn’t be able to say anything at all”
“How I could have ever defended myself in Sydney when I’m a single Dad living on the outskirts of Melbourne without all this help is beyond me”.
“The next steps include(s) an application for the case to be transferred to Melbourne and then I need to respond to Capilano’s 52 page amended statement of claim. All of this is coming up in under 2 months, so time and money are critical. We are in the NSW Supreme Court again in Sydney on 27 October 2017".

With similar controversies becoming more prevalent among Australia’s beekeepers and a total ban on importing honey in to New Zealand, Simon Mulvany believes his social media audience are leading the way in helping people source local honey, fight colony collapse disorder and lobby for tough labeling laws and restrictions on pesticide and antibiotics used in beekeeping.

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