Hello Lou,    Many thanks—this link brings up and plays the Press Club event immediately and I am grateful for the opportunity to view the discussion.  I think that Lyle Shelton and Karina Okotel conducted themselves with dignity and respectfully presented, with honesty, a number of entirely valid comments.  Of course, in final analysis no popular plebiscite, referendum or election will or can establish the rightness or wrongness of homosexuality, per se, in terms of Natural or Divine Law because that is something inherent in the laws of the Universe, which man did not create.  

The salient point is that the passage of non-discrimmination laws opens the door to absolute legalistic tyranny because there is virtually no theoretical or practical aspect of human existence which cannot and will not be impacted once the State or Legal system is acknowledged to have jurisdiction over human behaviour with the absurd and impossible objective of achieving an abstract condition arbitrarily defined as “equality”.  I agree with Denis Byrne that all individuals have a unique relationship with God, or the Canon, and that anyone who seeks to interfere with this relationship commits sacrilege.  If the LBTGQ faction wants to formalize their “relationships" then let them create their own “Church” to officiate at such events and otherwise mind their own business.  Religion is a private matter.  As has been said, “Mind your own business; it is sorely in need of attention.”  Of course, they, or the Marxist-Pharisaic forces who are using them, have no intention of doing any such thing.  Their intention is to play upon peoples’ emotions of both love and hate to deceive them into demanding and acceding to increasingly centralized administrative powers over the lives of individuals.  These people are hypocritical power-mongers who are Puritanical tyrants and, being possessed by the Will-to-Power, know no limits to their attempts to acquire and monopolize it.  We can choose the Christian route of freedom of choice and conscience or the Marxist-Pharisaic route of imposed legalistic and administrative tyranny.  

It should be emphasized at every opportunity that the fundamental problem lies in the dis-inheritance of mankind by an evil, confiscatory and dysfunctional financial system which has through legerdemain appropriated the communal capital—just as surely as, and in collaboration with, the Marxists who would confiscate it at the point of a gun—by establishing a perpetual enslaving mortgage upon it which commands our servitude extending into an endlessly receding future.  This ensures that mankind remains bound by ceaseless toil and never released into the Abundance of the Kingdom.  Insofar as humans are condemned to make their living almost solely by obedience to the external will of others who control their access to income, they will be compelled to clamour for the false security offered by “equality” within the confines of their slavery. The powers of Mammon secure us in bondage by endless psychological guilt-conditioning to convince us falsely that we live in perpetual scarcity and that Salvation comes by Works alone rather than by Grace.  We can destroy nations and continents more or less continuously but we cannot feed, cloth and shelter the peoples of a world teeming with natural resources and blessed with seemingly endless advances in production efficiency.  This is not the Christian way.  It is an obscenity which must end.