Mario Bunge in "Philosophy in Crisis: The Need for Reconstruction", (Prometheus Books) observes: "Philosophy is rather stagnant. All the philosophical schools - in particular Aristotelianism, Thomism, Kantianism, Hegelianism, dialectical materialism, positivism, pragmatism, intuitionism, phenomenology, and linguistic philosophy - are in ruins". (p.224) Bunge is concerned, and rightly so, that postmodernism and trendy relativistic doctrines have led to the present low ebb of philosophy. He hopes that by keeping close to the physical sciences and logic that much nonsense can be avoided.

In general, for what I know having only an undergraduate knowledge, this seems a good recommendation. Nevertheless, much of philosophy has become hero worship of science with no critical appraisal. If someone like Einstein said it, then it is generally accepted. Science becomes a new religious dogma.
Philosophy, for me, should ideally be a process of relentless questioning in the search for truth. I looked through the latest editions of some of the leading US journals of philosophy and found plenty of technical logic - chopping material, none of it relevant to addressing fundamental issues of our time.

Thus, contrary to Bunge, I think philosophy has already died and what we see today is just its ghost.