The following material is from Canadian Wallace Klinck.  I have no doubt Australians will also see such performances as various State and Federal elections fall due.

     On Sep 17, 2017, at 11:52 AM, Canada’s New Democrats <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> wrote:
The Leadership Showcase in Hamilton is about to start. Join us as New Democrats from across Canada watch Charlie Angus, Niki Ashton, Guy Caron, and Jagmeet Singh tell us why they should be the next leader of our party. Stream the event here:
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Canada’s New Democrats

To Which ‘Showcase’ Wallace responded:
     My impression is that the NDP is strong on rabble-rousing and vacuous slogans but weak and misguided on realistic policies.  They advocate policies which betray a certain undisguised totalitarian and power-oriented philosophical inclination. The Conservatives and Liberals, in company with the NDP, all follow Keynesian Fabian Socialist financial policies, spawned in and propagated from, the London School of Economics.  Almost all are power-centralizing opportunists wanting in ethics and consistent sound judgement. The Conservatives and Liberals are probably in general marginally—if only marginally--more literate than are the NDPers.  Conservatives seem to be relatively stubborn and blindly hidebound while the Liberals appear to be without any identifiable moral or ethical foundations and promote anything that they fancy may work to secure political office—as, of course, do the other parties in varying degree.  They are all politicians.  
The Roman Senator Cicero more or less appropriately described the political class.  About the only excuse they may have is that they all operate under a destructive, malevolent, dysfunctional, power- and wealth-centralizing system of credit (banking) and financial cost-accountancy which, as has been aptly observed, even a legion of angels could not administer successfully in a socially beneficial manner.  The politicians are hardly any army of angels.  With rare and notable exceptions, the people themselves are clueless—not necessarily because they are inherently stupid but primarily because the monopolized media, which is concentric with the Financial System, conspires to keep them perpetually and woefully uninformed and ill-informed.

     My only reason for voting is to attempt in a usually vain or futile effort to weed out the most depressingly egregious and unstable political aspirants.  Being neither a masochist nor a sociopath, I forlornly hope to minimize the inevitable abuse which exudes from Mammon subservient Governments to the disadvantage of individual citizens and society at large.
Wallace Klinck