On 27 March 2017, ABC News reported:
“In 2014, 12 financial institutions signed up to build the NPP, (New Payment Platform…ed) partly as a way of bringing Australia up to speed with other countries that are ahead in the race to becoming completely cashless.
Sweden is on track to become the world’s first completely cashless economy, and just last November India got rid of its highest denomination bills, effectively eliminating 90 per cent of its paper money.  Professor Holden estimates Australia could be cash free as early as 2020…”

Am I the only one who sees the centralizing dangers in Australia becoming ‘a cashless society’ under the present financial policies? According to Michael Edwards on ABC AM, 27 March 2017:
“The Reserve Bank is introducing new technology this year which will push Australia even further towards being a cashless society.
Later this year the bank will roll out a new system called the New Payment Platform (NPP).  The NPP will mean money can be transferred almost instantaneously, even when the payer and payee are members of different banks.  (Please note this sentence is about ‘credit’ – not physical money.  That is, ‘money’ in the form of ‘blips on a computer’.)

The technology will also support “overlay” services, meaning banks will be able to create their own payment services to entice customers…”
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There is all the difference in the world between a government-constitutionally-authorized financial system and the present fraudulent bank ‘credit’ system.

ABC News continues:  “Professor Richard Holden, from the University of New South Wales, has been studying the rise of the electronic economy and said the NPP would make electronic payments “super easy.”  [It] is going to make it super easy to transfer money instantaneously for free of any amount or kind,” he said.
“So you’re not going to have to worry about setting up someone as a payee in your online banking and making sure you’ve typed in the BSB number and stuff like that.
“It’s really going to be as simple as, I want to pay you $30 now for some service and I can just pay it based on an email address or phone number.”

Nowhere does this news article report that the banks ‘create the credit’ themselves whilst constitutionally it is governments who are meant to be responsible to their citizens for.  I would have expected that to be big news for them to report on.  But no.  Australians are to be kept in the dark as the centralisation of the financial system, under faceless bankers’ control, continues under their very noses. 

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