Oh dear, I might be entering waters too deep for me and will flounder - but here goes. I am going to take a Bishop of the Church to task.
First Bishop Browning you show you have accepted the Left/Right dialectics by your choice of words.  It has been a method to divide and rule the people for quite some time now. I thought that the recent presidential election was a good example – the mainline news presented the election as a two-horse race, ‘them and us’.  How many readers/viewers would have known there were other candidates ‘in the race’?

You write: 
“In making Jesus' teaching all about the individual, Christian Right has got it wrong:
“Donald Trump has championed the Christian Right's "corralled version of Christianity", and in doing so further weakened notions of community and its importance:"

Christian Church leaders themselves have a lot to answer for ‘weakened notions of community and its importance’.  Am I wrong in seeing God as a ‘community’ in the sense of three Persons and we are told in the Creed we are not to ‘divide the Substance’ nor “confound the Persons’. 
I think Church leaders need to rethink their positions and come up with messages that will heal and unite the nations – by neither ‘dividing the substance, nor confounding the persons.

A Franciscan priest wrote:
“Much of Christianity has made Jesus Christ into a denominational saviour figure while others have looked upon his saving grace as limited to a few who meet strict qualifications.  But what about creation as a whole?  How far back and forward in time does the Christ figure extend, and who exactly is Christ?
Christian scripture gives us Jesus’ place in that history counted in billions of years if you look for it -- in the prologue to John’s Gospel, for example, or in the Pauline hymns of the letters to the Colossians and Ephesians, or in the opening of John’s first letter.  All speak of Christ existing from all eternity.  We just don’t see those references. They’ve never been unpacked for the majority of Christians, and we don’t have theology to know how to see it…

The Gospels are about the historical Jesus.  Paul, however, whose writings make up a third of the New Testament, never talks about that Jesus.  He is talking about the Christ…
Western Christianity has plucked Jesus completely out of the Trinity.  The historical Jesus has become the new monotheistic God -- God the Father for all practical purposes.  Once you no longer have a Trinitarian view, you no longer have a dynamic view of God.  When you emphasize Jesus apart from the Father and Holy Spirit, then creation is just an afterthought or a backdrop to a limited salvation drama…

The real trump card of Christianity is not just that we believe in God. The mystery we are about is much more than that: It’s that the material and the spiritual coexist.  It’s the mystery of the Incarnation.”