Letter published in The Australian, 6/7/17
     “I am bewildered by Bob Carr’s attack on “Israel’s foul occupation” (5/7/17). Just with whom can Israel negotiate a two-state solution?  Or does Carr support the ambitions of Hamas, which controls Gaza, to drive every last Israeli to drown in the sea?  
As for Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian territory on the West Bank, he has not held elections in the past twelve years, and his hold on power is tenuous at best. Furthermore, he speaks out of both sides of his mouth: while assuring a succession of US Presidents that he is willing to negotiate a two-state solution, he always backs out by imposing unacceptable pre-conditions, such as the “right of return” of generations of Palestinian refugees to Israel which would demographically swamp the Jewish state.
     I suggest that instead of grand-standing at ALP conferences, Bob Carr appoint himself as conciliator-in-chief and see if he can bring Hamas and Abbas to a negotiating table with Benjamin Netanyahu, the current Prime Minister of Israel.”
Babette Francis, Toorak, Vic.

To Which Wallace Klinck of Canada Responded:
     “I am afraid that Babette seems naively and seriously to misperceive the overall situation.  “Israel” does not “negotiate” with anyone.  It holds to a megalomaniacal messianic world vision as its destiny and only makes demands which serve this end.  A two-state “solution” is impossible because the second state rapidly would be bullied, destroyed and absorbed into the “Greater Israel” Middle East project.  A single state is impossible because Israel will never accede to co-operate with alien elements in a unitary government which soon would become dominated by non-Jewish elements.

     Netanyahu is certainly not going to negotiate any Israeli concessions. The Israelis are just playing a waiting game with full confidence of “American” support as Palestinian territory shrinks into oblivion.  The Zionists did not negotiate their presence in the area.  They committed outrageous acts of outright terrorism against both the indigenous Palestinians and British troops stationed in Palestine during the British Mandate, while currying favour with corrupt and inept Western politicians to support their confiscatory enterprise.  They even declared war on Britain and set out on a failed mission to bomb the British House of Commons.  Further, they assassinated the U.N. mediator in the region, Count Bernadette.

     Manipulation of the world into a major war of destruction was essential to the success of that enterprise.  Under these conditions Israel maintains a preposterous and tenuous “right of return” while hypocritically denying it to the Palestinians.  Corruption within the Palestinian territorial Government is a known fact but that is a problem for Palestinians to resolve, as it is in all nations, and cannot be used as an excuse for Israeli actions.  Nor have Israeli politicians and associated elements been a model of propriety either.  It seems that Babette considers every objection to Israeli demands and policies as coming from both sides of the mouth of the complainant.

     My impression is that Babette is the victim of severe brainwashing or some learned messianic delusion.  This would not be unique, of course, because there are all too many deceived people suffering under similar delusions.  Her concerns about the role of Islam, per se, in the West are certainly valid but her apparent “friends” in Jewish-Zionist positions have played a major role in inciting the illegal military incursions on nations in the Middle East which have precipitated, according to deliberate plan, the disastrous flood of Islamic migrants into Western Europe and even to the Americas with the purpose of destroying Western ‘Christian’ Civilization.”

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