Letter to The Australian

  The problems for the federal Coalition are not insurmountable.  It just requires Malcolm Turnbull to resign gracefully without necessitating any kind of coup. As another Malcolm in Shakespeare’s Macbeth said: ‘Nothing in his life became him so much as his leaving of it.”  There is heaps of latent talent in the Coalition ranks.  A leader and deputy leader will emerge.
  Babette Francis, Toorak, Vic

 Wallace Klinck commented on Babette Francis’ Letter to the Editor in The Australian
     Well, I hope that Babette is correct but unless they have a realistic understanding of the financial issue they are automatically doomed to failure—for no good reason whatsoever other than ignorance.  The latent talent may indeed be present but latent talent is of no avail when it is not correctly and effectively activated and deployed.  Babette knows how to get attention by keeping her messages short—but ultimately they must also be effectively targeted.  A PDF is attached for your reference.  The document is relatively short but highly concentrated and deals not only with finance and economics but also especially with how these relate to successful human association.

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