As Australians take a minute to remember those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in two world wars it is important that the Causes of War are brought to our attention.  After all, it is our young men and women who have been maimed and wounded, who have given their lives.

In Programme for the Third World War (XI), (The Social Crediter Vol10, No.15 June 1943) C.H. Douglas wrote of his BBC “Causes of War” broadcast experience: 

“About four years before the outbreak of the second world war, seven broadcasts on “The Causes of War” were delivered from London, one of which it was my fate to give… 
I suppose two thousand millions of individuals are affected by the present war.  I should place the number of individuals who would be quite unable to say with approximate accuracy what it is about at roughly nineteen hundred millions, so we are left with this simple alternative.  Either the total population of the world likes war without knowing what it is about; in which case it is obviously absurd to do anything to abolish it, or, on the other hand, we can find the causes of war if we examine the actions of a minority hidden amongst less than a million individuals….

It appears to me (but, of course I may be wrong) to be elementary and incontestable that it wouldn't really matter much what this minority did or thought, if  they were not in control of mechanisms which enabled them to force the other nineteen-hundred millions to take part in a war they didn’t understand and didn’t want.  If I am not wrong in this, it appears equally  incontestable, that you can prevent war amongst the nineteen (million-ed) if you destroy the power of the small minority over them.

For my own part, there is no spectacle I should applaud more heartily than the outbreak of war amongst the minority, and I should do everything to see that it lasted as long as possible and broke out again with the shortest possible intervals.  Now it is equally incontestable that every effort possible is being made to increase, and in fact, render impregnable, the power of this minority over the majority.

Unless there is some flaw in the argument which has escaped me, war is even more certain to be universal and devastating, as a result of this increased concentration of control, than it was in 1939….  As Lionel Gerber says in his book, Peace by Power, “Power never vanishes. If you do not wish to retain or wield it, somebody else will. You may feel the effects of power as a passive recipient; you may deal with it as an acting agent. There is no escape, no immunity - none so far above the battle that by it he, too, is untouched”.

And to interpolate one word into Lord Acton’s famous observation, “All (delegated) power corrupts, and absolute Power corrupts absolutely.” To which the Chatham House gang would no doubt reply, “So what?”

Really, this matter is quite simple if we can convalesce to even a moderate extant from our “education”.  It is not necessary to rely upon such statements as that of M. Francois Coty, “that the world is governed by less than four hundred men, every one of whom knows all the others.”  Such a statement has its value, because it suggests a source from which to obtain the names of the specific four hundred.

But the general fact is observable by anyone. Take the “fetish of efficiency” to give it a technical name, and put it alongside “the problem of full employment," to give that another.  Take the “peace comes from Law backed by overwhelming force” racket, and put it alongside our declaration of war to preserve the sovereignty of Poland.
Take the statement of the Secretary of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (“Chatham House”), Dr. Arnold Toynbee, at Copenhagen in I931, that “we are working discretely but with all our might to undermine the sovereignty of our respective nations,” and consider that this egregious collection of pink intriguers was carefully evacuated to Oxford at the beginning of the war, and its" staff is being paid by the British public, which is spending fourteen‘ million pounds a day and has already had a million casualties to preserve that sovereignty which Dr. Toynbee boasted of attempts to destroy…”

Read in full here….. The Social Crediter -Vol.10 No.15 19 June 1943

Hands up those who are for sending our party politicians, big business leaders and big bankers to fight the next world war?  And, just like the “egregious collection of pink intriguers” of the 20th century, we the people in the 21st century want to be transported to safe havens while this world-planning gang do all the fighting!

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