Indigenous Aussie Soldier Speak her Mind From Bernard Gaynor’s website: 16 August, 2017

     Last week, it was revealed that females and Indigenous males were being recruited ahead of others in the Australian Defence Force.  As such, it is interesting to hear from a female Aboriginal soldier currently serving in the Australian Army.  She wishes to speak anonymously as she fears for her job. This is not unique. I have spoken to many serving Defence members in recent times who have said exactly the same thing.

This is her story:

I joined the Army from a young age. There were no diversity panels, and no special entry ways were needed. My time in Defence has been great. I have not faced any circumstances of discrimination, although I have heard stories about things gone in the past.
I also studied at university. As I was Indigenous, I was pushed to apply for my degree as part of an Indigenous pathways program.
I won’t deny that it helped. I was poor and from an unstable background.
However, it was a double-edged sword that opened up the world of ‘black politics’. As I was Indigenous, it was expected that my views would always be left-leaning, no matter my status. Worse, I was supposed to uphold a ‘victim mentality’ or I would not truly be Indigenous.
Knowing that this environment exists within the university, I abstained from ‘black politics’ whenever I could. However the Indigenous community would look at me strangely if my views were not the same as theirs. ‘Victims’ were expected to stick together.
The more I studied, the more I became aware of the true statistics behind the issues pushed by feminists and social activist journalists in the mainstream media..

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