Wallace Klinck has observed:

“Modern banking accomplishes appropriation of the communal capital by Fabian Socialist “gradualist” legerdemain--what the communists would do by physical expropriation.  Banking and communism work in close co-ordination.”

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“Douglas bequeathed to us ... a living, growing dynamic thing” — Dr. Geoffrey Dobbs, Melbourne Victoria 1979

At the 1979 Douglas Centenary Dinner, in Melbourne, Victoria, Geoffrey Dobbs spoke of the 1930s Social Credit movement and the 1937 election of a Social Credit government in Alberta, Canada:

“Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive.  But to be young was very heaven!”
 “That, however,” said Geoffrey “was written about the French Revolution -- a false dawn if ever there was one -- and the following year (1938), we (social crediters) had to grow up! At least I had to, and it was a painful process, facing the reality that the world was not going our way at all, but the opposite way”.

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GOP senators ask Tillerson to probe US funding of Soros groups abroad by Adam Shaw

Republican senators are asking Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to investigate claims that U.S. taxpayer money is being used to back left-wing billionaire George Soros’ political meddling and similar efforts overseas.
A letter sent Tuesday asked for a probe into how U.S. funds are being used by agencies such as the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to back left-wing political groups in other countries. Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, one of the co-signers, even said foreign officials and political leaders have come to him with “reports of U.S. activity in their respective countries.”
He said in a statement: “This includes reports of diplomats playing political favorites, USAID funds supporting extreme and sometimes violent political activists, and the US Government working to marginalize the moderates and conservatives in leadership roles. ... This sort of political favoritism from our missions around the world is unacceptable.”

The letter to Tillerson also was signed by Sens. James Inhofe, R-Okla.; Thom Tillis, R-N.C.; David Perdue, R-Ga.; Ted Cruz, R-Texas; and Bill Cassidy, R-La. It followed a letter in February from GOP lawmakers asking about whether U.S. tax dollars have been used in recent years to fund Soros-backed projects in the small, conservative-led country of Macedonia.

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Jordan Peterson Takes It Outside @ McMaster University

Students at McMaster University in Canada derailed the event originally scheduled to feature a panel of three speakers, out of which, due to received threats, only Peterson has attended. The protesters crashed the room, blew air horns, played loud instruments, threw glitter onto Peterson and shouted “shut down Peterson,” and “transphobic piece of sh*t” in unison, with one student leading the cheer through a megaphone, making it nearly impossible for Peterson’s voice to be heard over their noise. Due to the noise levels, Peterson and the students in attendance were forced to move the talk outside where he was able to continue.
Source: "Jordan Peterson Defeats Anti Free Speech Protestors At McMaster"

FIRST COOPERS, NOW THIS from Lyle Shelton, Australian Christian Lobby

“It has taken less than a week for Coopers Brewery to go from supporting the Bible Society to supporting Australian Marriage Equality. And the tactics of the same-sex marriage lobby have been on full display for all Australians to see.
By now we all ought to be able to recite the same-sex marriage playbook from memory – bullying, intimidation, boycotts and threats. That’s how the same-sex marriage lobby hopes to win over the hearts and minds of Australians.

But Coopers was just the tip of the iceberg
“Today the next step in the campaign to change Australia’s marriage laws was revealed and it is every bit as ugly as the whole Coopers saga…  Coopers was just the beginning.
In today’s Australian we learn that corporate giants like QANTAS have been ‘lobbying’ senior executives to sign an open letter to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull pressuring him to break his election commitment on marriage.

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