Australians need to be aware:  Ontario puts ideology above medical safety.
Starting June 13th, 2016, the Ontario (Canada) Liberal government began issuing medical identification cards differently.  Now, instead of "M" or "F", no sex is listed AT ALL on the cards—in order to be "inclusive" for those very few Ontarians who believe themselves to be transgendered.

Ontario's Liberal government has removed "male" and "female" from its medical identification cards, putting the health and safety of patients at risk! This will surely endanger Ontarians' lives by misdirecting emergency healthcare efforts.

In fact, a person's sex is relevant to providing appropriate medical care. Due to biological differences between men and women, there are different symptoms, conditions, and treatment regimens for health conditions, such as stroke and heart disease, based on one's sex. This policy creates obvious and unnecessary patient safety risks.

Healthcare providers may not know the best treatment plan for a patient if an individual arrives at a hospital emergency room and staff cannot easily identify the patient's sex (particularly if the patient has undergone sex-change surgery). This will surely endanger Ontarians' lives by misdirecting emergency healthcare efforts.

This is deeply disturbing. Ontario's Liberal government is putting an ideological agenda above the health and safety of Canadian citizens.
Canadians are being asked to:
Sign the petition asking the government to rescind the policy and retract the "sexless" cards issued since June 2016!  Sign the petition to protect medical ID integrity:

It's even more troubling that this change was introduced unilaterally and undemocratically, rather than through the legislative process. There's no doubt that this policy should have been introduced and debated in the legislature, where contrary views could be expressed.

There are also plans for Ontario driver's licences to be issued, starting in 2017, according to the gender preference of the licence holder. This means that confusion will be created both in the automobile and related insurance industries, especially if licence holders identify themselves differently in other official documents!

Wallace Klinck had his say:
In order to secure the new regime of “equality", logically, according with the "law of pure reason”, our emergent self-appointed and supreme rulers will attempt to remove not only the licence holders' sex but also replace all of their names with mere numbers or letters because their names historically have most often been an indication of their sex.  This kind of discrimination is very, very bad and must be eradicated!  (Distinguishing “bad” from “good” also presents a troubling problem of discrimination—but that will have to be dealt with later.) Lunacies abound!—Has mankind somehow been deprived of its cognitive faculties?  Something has gone seriously amiss.  Perhaps mankind has been genetically programmed for its own self-destruction?  Are we just a temporary experiment for the brief entertainment of unknown and capricious deities? 

Anyway, I hope that you are all appropriately repentant and apologetic about your sex.  Damn!  How could we have been so long so wrong—or so wrong so long?  Do have a pleasant day. 

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