Hurricane Irma formed over cooler water

Hurricane Irma formed over cooler water, 7th worst, but Climate Druids see fingerprints, tea leaves, crystals everywhere
Hurricane Irma is a big bad storm, like other big bad storms.

Six awkward facts:

  • It’s only the 7th most intense at landfall in US history.
  • It formed over water that was two degrees cooler than normal,
    1893, 1933, 1950, 1995, and 2005 had more Accumulated Cyclone Energy by Sept 10.
  • In 1933 two hurricanes hit the US in just 24 hours
  • In 1893, 1909, 2004 there were three Cat 3+ landfalls in US (blame climate change).
  • NOAA itself says there’s no evidence anyone can detect that greenhouse gas emissions have an effect on hurricanes.
  • Not to be stopped by a lack of any scientific connection, climate druids are out in force finding fingerprints in every storm. Like all the great witchdoctors of history, Big Storms are a chance to pump fear and sell their services.  

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