Human Rights OR Common Law Rights by Wallace Klinck response to a recent prosecution in the British Columbia (Canada) Human Rights Tribunal
     The Human Rights tribunals were set up to circumvent Citizens Rights protected historically under our Constitution as it derived from the British “unwritten” Constitution—and to deny citizens protection under the Common Law as this evolved in a Christian milieu.  The creators and administrators of these bodies profess to hold jurisdiction to prosecute for an alleged crime of “discrimination” which is little more than contrived Pharisaic sophistry.  Human “Rights” Tribunals are a travesty of law and justice as these developed under Christian influence over many centuries going back to the Magna Carta and I understand even to earlier times.

     The ability to exercise discrimination is the essential innate natural right of the conscious human person and failure to discriminate would create mindless chaos leading to an inability to function or survive for any length of time.  Human Rights Tribunals were not established because of proper reference to our historic past legal traditions and they were not formed consequent to any significant public demand.  They are creatures conceived by powerful subversive minority forces.  They are reminiscent of Bolshevik “Peoples Courts” where arbitrary and politically motivated “offences” were created as weapons to terrorize individuals and suppress freedom of individual thought and action as potential or emergent opposition to the illegitimate centralization and exercise of power.  They are in reality not adversaries of discrimination—but demand discrimination in accord with their own dicta. They are instruments of revolutionary policy designed to deprive citizens of property and freedom and can only contribute to installation of the Supreme State.

     The deliberate omission of property rights from more recent modifications to our Constitution obviously was intended to increase the illegitimate powers of such quasi-legal institutions.  Probably the main reason that they have even been tolerated, aside from mass ignorance, is because we operate under an evil and dysfunctional financial system which has tied economic security inseparably to obedient servitude in a gigantic pyramid of power and thereby denied all individuals their rightful inheritance in the freedom and economic security which is potentially available via the Cultural Heritage.  Being so dispossessed virtually everyone at successive lower levels of the pyramid is fearful for possible loss of their earned income and is driven to seek protection from actual or perceived threats to such loss.  This universal reign of fear has corrupted virtually the whole of society.

     Unfortunately, Human Rights Tribunals are Trojan Horses devoted more to the destruction of freedoms than to protection of them, and according legitimacy to them is akin to trading one’s feathers for bogus “rights” until one ceases to have either feathers or freedoms.  People who are foolish enough to accede to the imperious, devious and totalitarian demands of legalistic and intolerant Bolshevism will inherit a bitter reward.  Worse, they will drag us all into the maelstrom.

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