Hiding A Military Dictatorship By Brother Nathanael

Copyright 2017

‘Drones over the homeland,’ and the Pentagon’s domestic fleet flies the unfriendly skies.

It’s ‘Surveillance USA’ with the FBI, Homeland Security, and the ATF partnering with the Pentagon’s aerial spy machine.

And with civilian oversight in absentia, those with the most weapons rule the roost.

You could see it coming.

[Clip: “We are going to appoint Mad Dog Mattis as our Secretary of Defense. But we’re not announcing it until Monday so don’t tell anybody. Mad Dog. He’s great. He is great.”]


Known as the “Butcher of Fallujah” for the bloodiest battle since Vietnam, causing the deaths of 2000 trapped-Iraqi resistance fighters and thousands more civilian casualties, there’s nothing great about him.

Enter McMaster and Kelly along with Mattis, conducting foreign policy abroad and executive ops at home.

‘It’s democracy in action,’ you say.

It may look like ‘democracy’ but unelected skunks circling the ballot box smell up the booth.

Who’s really in charge at the White House?

Trump? Or his Generals, given carte blanche by a submissive Congress?

Bred of the Neocon Jewish Agenda, these career-gladiators who genuflect with oaths and toasts in Tel Aviv, are devoted to perpetual expansion of Jewmerica’s global hegemony no matter the cost in American lives.

[Clip: “Do you believe that every soldier serving in Afghanistan today, American soldiers, is an insurance policy against another 9/11?”
“Ahh, an insurance policy…?”
“Against another 9/11?…and coming from Afghanistan?”
“Oh, yes, absolutely sir.”]

Yes, siree! Just what the neocon Jews want to hear: The Afghans did 9/11!…when Truthers know the Mossad did it.

[Clip: “If anybody falls, in the service of their country in Afghanistan they died to protect the homeland?”]

Eeh, Comrade Commissar?

They died to protect the profits of the Arms Industry in their perpetual ‘war on terror.’

[Clip: “Do you believe soft power is an essential ingredient into winning the war on terror?”
“I think America has two fundamental powers, sir. The power of inspiration and the power of intimidation.”]

Jewmerica ‘inspires’ no one…with its breaking of agreements and dumping and changing allies left and right.

And ‘intimidation’ only ‘inspires’ the world to arm themselves against an imperialist beast.

For the merging of America’s private and public sectors has peaked.

And the cusp of that fusion is the Military-Industrial-Security Complex… spreading instability and chaos across the globe.

Jewish Wall Street funds the Defense factories and the Jewish-owned Fed cuts the military’s checks.

It’s Finance married to Force with a lust for power that births a military dictatorship hiding behind democracy’s doors.

You might bump into it someday.

International Jewish finance, the Israel Lobby, and joint US-Israel military operations spawn costly results.

For in a seamless junta, the Pentagon, fused with the Israel Defense Force, picks your pockets to pay for wars abroad.

Get out of line and Big Brother Pentagram got you on candid camera…snap-shotted from drones flying the unfriendly skies.

How do you hide a hippopotamus?

Throw a dress over him and doodle the word “Democracy” on his snout.

A military dictatorship by any other name smells the same.


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