So Andrew Bolt, of the Herald Sun thinks that Pauline Hanson has “caved” in, has “backflipped” on the issue of penalty rates for hospitality and retail workers- March 28, 2017 8:10am:

“One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has backflipped on her stance on weekend penalty rates, announcing her party won’t support the Fair Work Commission’s ruling to slash weekend rates for hospitality and retail workers.
In a Facebook video posted on Monday evening, the One Nation leader said she had changed her mind after experiencing a backlash from her supporters.
“Let me make it quite clear. After listening to people coming through my office, and on the streets, and back home over the weekend in the lead up to this, generally the majority of people do not want a cut to penalty rates,” she said. “You’ve got my support. I’ve listened and this is what you want and I will not support any cut to penalty rates”.

Andrew I would have thought Pauline, as a senator representing the interests of the people of her home State, has bowed to the will of the people in her State.  Isn’t that what the Australian people want from their representatives in Parliament?

The people of Queensland have not delegated their powers to their political representatives.
There is all the difference in the world to the meanings of these two words.  
Now Pauline has to look at the mind-boggling financial debt structure under which the people are burdened and give deep thought as to why this is so.  Australia is a natural resource rich land.  
Why in God’s name are we now so financially poor?

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