I think I see just what is planned for at least one section of the society.  Yes, a Universal Basic Income (UBI) will come in – there are too many millions who cannot get a job because of technology and robotics taking over, and replacing them in the workforce.  In such circumstances, too much danger of the Precariat revolting and the elite losing control of this world order.

But it is not intended that the UBI will be issued through new credits/money, as the National (Consumer) Dividend would be, but only through the raising of more taxes by governments and/or more debt taken on by governments.

But that is not the whole of the scenario that I see developing.   The need for more taxes will be claimed as a necessity, but just whom will they tax?  Those who still have jobs must feel they are being taxed enough already. And why should they pay more in taxes when those without jobs were also receiving the UBI?  I’ve got it! And so has the Australian Chamber of Commerce!

“Asset test for aged pension should include family home” the headline reads.
Reverse Mortgages: ‘Short Term Pain’ for Long Term Budget Sustainability
Target those pensioners who have debt-free taxable assets such as the family home. The ABC 3 February, 2017 reported: “The family home or a principal place of residence should be included in the assets test for the aged pension, according to the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI).
The business lobby group said where a primary residence was valued above a debt-free $450,000, workers retiring at the age of 65 should not be eligible for a full or part pension for the first five years.

The politically sensitive recommendation was made in ACCI's pre-budget submission released today, which urged the Federal Government to implement spending cuts that would cause "short-term pain" for long-term budget sustainability.
The submission said retirees with assets, including the primary residence above the threshold, should instead be given interest-free pension loans against the value of the assets.

The pension loan — in effect a reverse mortgage — would be repaid when the property is sold, the borrower dies or goes into aged care.  "This provides retirees with choice so that they can remain in their primary residence, leave a bequest and afford their retirement," the submission recommended.
However, the ACCI submission to include the family home in the pension assets test seems likely to be rejected by the Government.

Revenue and Financial Services Minister Kelly O'Dwyer told the ABC that all submissions would be considered, but signalled some were destined for the too hard basket.

"That would be very much against the principles of the Coalition government," Ms O'Dwyer said. "Never before have we included the family home [in the assets test] and I don't see why that would change."…

ACCI said four out of five retirees relied on a full or part-time pension and that a similar proportion over 65 owned their own homes, valued at about $1 trillion…”
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Oh! And of course the money would be borrowed from that same financial/banking system that creates the money out of thin air and claims it as its own.  But now the pensioner was in debt to that system and it would have to be ‘repaid’ when he/she died!

But don’t think that is all that governments have in store for you – if they think they can get away with it.  Don’t forget the ‘kite flying’ that has been around on the proposal to get rid of all notes and coins,  thus placing everyone under the further control of the banking/financial system through the creation of that ‘out of thin air’ credit.

I see that Brian Simpson, “The Rise of the Machines”  is also reporting on the issues raised here:  “There is also support for universal income schemes in a number of European countries such as France and Finland:

The above article points out that the “money” will have to come from somewhere and where else could it come from but taxes, which is problematic because in the “end of work” scenario the tax base is reduced substantially, and of course, it is taboo to even contemplate taxing the 1-percenters. Such is the thinking even of alternative political sites.

Universal income schemes are a product of traditional financial thinking and will be flawed for the basic reason that such thinking is flawed. Clearly a paradigm shift is needed to social credit and the national dividend for the AI world that is fast approaching. The “end of work” situation presents the golden opportunity for social credit champions to make their case. The alternatives seem particularly grim.”   

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