What we are engaged in is a spiritual warfare, that is, a conflict of purpose, or as we have learnt to call it, of policy. In a sense, all wars are about policy, but they are conflicts of the same policy – each trying to damage the other, to attack and enlarge the weak points in the other and to impose its will by fear upon the other… Such war is an expression of Monopolism - perhaps its ultimate expression – whether in the form of Monopolo-theism (belief in a unitary Dictator-God, as in Judaism and Islam) or in the form of Monopolo-humanism (Man is the Ultimate power, which is wielded by the Top Men).

Hence the focus of militant monopolism in the near East between the Chosen People of Allah and of Jehovah, each with its ‘sacred right’ to impose its will on others (as in former times between monopolist forms of Christianity). But since these conflicts are about human power, the divine pretext for them can be easily dropped in favour of pure humanism, of which the most organised form is Marxist-Leninist communism – a religion of human power, based upon a philosophy of conflict as the means of human advance – essentially Dualistic or Manichaean…

The essence of the Christian Doctrine of Creation is that God is good and his works are good – that is, what we call reality and goodness are the same thing… Socialists are in the vanguard of the human mob, rushing towards slavery and disaster. Conservatives are in the rear guard, but all heading the same way. The way to head off a mob, whether of people or cattle, is to divert the leaders, not the tail end. When we get involved in confrontation, still more in actual conflict, we are fighting the good in our opponents, the truth which has been twisted round against us. When such conflicts have been forced upon us we may have to fight for survival, but the Enemy has already won a victory, and such conflicts should never be sought. “Truth”, as has been well said, “is the first casualty in War.”

Our Major Strategy: Resolution not Revolution or Confrontation!
So now, what is our major strategy as Christians in the spiritual war? It is resolution, not revolution, or confrontation. We have our orders: “Love your enemies! Do good to them that harm you!” This is often dismissed as impracticable idealism, but it is the very reverse. It is hard-headed, practical common sense. It is the only thing that actually works and defeats evil, provided of course, that it is bound back to reality in practical detail every time.

For instance, how can we love our enemies if we do not identify them, meet them, mix with them, and discover what sort of people they are, why they are our enemies, and what truth as well as falsehood there may be behind their enmity? We do not have to like them, though it helps if we can; but to join in the game of mutual denunciation by groups of people beating the air with spoken or written words of fury at the evil of others mostly directed at those who agree with them, divides the truth, and gets us nowhere except into a morass of futility.

“Doing good” does not mean “do-gooding”, a perverted word for a horrible perversion of the instinct of compassion, meaning the denial of sin and therefore of forgiveness and the indulgence of corruption, taking away free will and responsibility. On the contrary, it means appealing to and stimulating the qualities of integrity, responsibility, intelligence and courage. It means sympathising with and sharing other people’s real aims and helping them to achieve what they want, in the world of reality, rather than what we want.

This being our strategy, let us now try to apply its principles to the tactics of our actions in the current world. If we think it over we find that, as social crediters, we have something vital and constructive to offer to the resolution of practically every ‘problem’, which besets our fellow men, and once this is realised we soon find we have very little time for anything else…”
- - Taken from “The Strategy and Tactics of Spiritual Warfare” by Geoffrey Dobbs.