Our thanks go to Ellen Brown for her latest article, “Central Bank Digital Currencies: A Revolution in Banking”.  Whether the proposed concept is known as ‘digital currencies’ or I refer to it as ‘carbon currencies’, its implementation would achieve the same goal – and that goal is the control of a nation’s financial system being completely taken out of national governments’ hands and handed over to a  Central Banking System, starting with England, China, Canada and the United Sates.   
Ellen Brown who writes:

“Several central banks, including the Bank of England, the People’s Bank of China, the Bank of Canada and the Federal Reserve, are exploring the concept of issuing their own digital currencies, using the blockchain technology developed for Bitcoin. Skeptical commentators suspect that their primary goal is to eliminate cash, setting us up for negative interest rates (we pay the bank to hold our deposits rather than the reverse).

But Ben Broadbent, Deputy Governor of the Bank of England, puts a more positive spin on it. He says Central Bank Digital Currencies could supplant the money now created by private banks through “fractional reserve” lending – and that means 97% of the circulating money supply. Rather than outlawing bank-created money, as money reformers have long urged, fractional reserve banking could be made obsolete simply by attrition, pre-empted by a better mousetrap.  The need for negative interest rates could also be eliminated, by giving the central bank more direct tools for stimulating the economy.

The Blockchain Revolution
How blockchain works was explained by Martin Hiesboeck in an April 2016 article titled “Blockchain Is the Most Disruptive Invention Since the Internet Itself“:

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But don’t stop there…..  Central Bank Digital Currencies means a further tightening of the World Government grip on the nations.

Read again the summary of what the Australian government committed us to:

Under Agenda 21, the Australian government committed itself to act as the de facto agent, at national level, for the United Nations, in controlling the following:

 • patterns of human consumption (what people are allowed to eat)
 •  human habitats (where and how people are allowed to live) in 'sustainable communities'.
 •  the planning of all future development world-wide
 •  the composition of the atmosphere (at the time ‘greenhouse gas emissions’, now ‘climate change’ and/or ‘global warming’)
 •  the planning and management of land use (Vegetation Management Act, Desertification Treaty)
 •  control of the utilisation of forests (ref: closing of sawmills on the Atherton Tableland).
 •  control of the development in mountain areas
 •  control of types and methods of agriculture (sustainable agriculture, best practice manuals)
 •  control of areas set aside to protect biological diversity (biodiversity treaty)
 •  management and use of water, worldwide
 •  management of wastes, including toxic chemicals, hazardous wastes, solid and radioactive wastes.
Let's see how long the farmer, the grazier, the industrialist, the housewife can carry on without the necessary 'currency' be it digitally controlled.

Continue reading here… Source:  8 October 2010: http://alor.org/Volume46/Vol46No39.htm

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