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     One of my granddaughters came to say ‘hello’ recently and shared that she had been looking at the passage in Matthew 6 where Jesus tells his listeners to ‘consider the lilies of the field’.  She knows it is a favourite passage of mine, but she wasn’t sure that she had the same idea, the same concept, as I had in my ‘mind’s eye’.  The conversation caused me to think of ways that could help her to envisage God ‘clothing’ the lilies of the field.

     I had to ‘consider’ very carefully just how to present a picture in her ‘mind’s eye’ of God ‘clothing’ the lilies.  After all, it is a privilege to have such a discussion with one of my grandchildren. I couldn’t let such an opportunity pass me by.

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Making CO2 into fuel

Anthony Watts 29 November 2017From the MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY

     MIT-developed method converts carbon dioxide into useful compounds. CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — MIT researchers have developed a new system that could potentially be used for converting power plant emissions of carbon dioxide into useful fuels for cars, trucks, and planes, as well as into chemical feedstocks for a wide variety of products.

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Dastyari. 狗 الكلب سگ - the same in Chinese, Arabic, Persian or English. Dog.

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Book excerpt: How I became a Kremlin troll by The Saker


Dear friends,     Today, with the kind permission of Phil Butler, I am posting the full text of my contribution to his book “Putin’s Praetorians: Confessions of the Top Kremlin Trolls 

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Human Rights OR Common Law Rights by Wallace Klinck response to a recent prosecution in the British Columbia (Canada) Human Rights Tribunal     The Human Rights tribunals were set up to circumvent Citizens Rights protected historically under our Constitution as it derived from the British “unwritten” Constitution—and to deny citizens protection under the Common Law as this evolved in a Christian milieu.  The creators and administrators of these bodies profess to hold jurisdiction to prosecute for an alleged crime of “discrimination” which is little more than contrived Pharisaic sophistry.  Human “Rights” Tribunals are a travesty of law and justice as these developed under Christian influence over many centuries going back to the Magna Carta and I understand even to earlier times.

     The ability to exercise discrimination is the essential innate natural right of the conscious human person and failure to discriminate would create mindless chaos leading to an inability to function or survive for any length of time.  Human Rights Tribunals were not established because of proper reference to our historic past legal traditions and they were not formed consequent to any significant public demand.  They are creatures conceived by powerful subversive minority forces.  They are reminiscent of Bolshevik “Peoples Courts” where arbitrary and politically motivated “offences” were created as weapons to terrorize individuals and suppress freedom of individual thought and action as potential or emergent opposition to the illegitimate centralization and exercise of power.  They are in reality not adversaries of discrimination—but demand discrimination in accord with their own dicta. They are instruments of revolutionary policy designed to deprive citizens of property and freedom and can only contribute to installation of the Supreme State.

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Letter to The Australian

  The problems for the federal Coalition are not insurmountable.  It just requires Malcolm Turnbull to resign gracefully without necessitating any kind of coup. As another Malcolm in Shakespeare’s Macbeth said: ‘Nothing in his life became him so much as his leaving of it.”  There is heaps of latent talent in the Coalition ranks.  A leader and deputy leader will emerge.  Babette Francis, Toorak, Vic

 Wallace Klinck commented on Babette Francis’ Letter to the Editor in The Australian     Well, I hope that Babette is correct but unless they have a realistic understanding of the financial issue they are automatically doomed to failure—for no good reason whatsoever other than ignorance.  The latent talent may indeed be present but latent talent is of no avail when it is not correctly and effectively activated and deployed.  Babette knows how to get attention by keeping her messages short—but ultimately they must also be effectively targeted.  A PDF is attached for your reference.  The document is relatively short but highly concentrated and deals not only with finance and economics but also especially with how these relate to successful human association.

Bank Royal Commission ‘Rank Socialism’: Howard

     FORMER prime minister John Howard has slammed a royal commission into the banks, describing it as “rank socialism”.In an interview due to screen in full on David Speers’ Sky News program this evening, Mr Howard warned the Coalition against the move, The Australian reports. He said embracing such a policy would damage the Turnbull government’s fortunes.

 “Our banks demonstrated in 2009 that they were among the best-run, the most prudentially supervised, and the most well-capitalised in the world,” Mr Howard said. “I say to my former colleagues and the people I still support, don’t embrace a royal commission, and to those in the National Party and elsewhere who might see this as some kind of retaliation for co-operation between people on the same-sex marriage issue, I would say that I agreed with those people in the National Party on the substance of the same-sex marriage issue, but that is over.Read further:

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     So Robert Mugabe has been ‘thrown out’ of power.  I find it very difficult to read the ‘guff’ the mainstream media puts out these days.   Let’s go back and examine some FACTUAL HISTORY from the League’s Archives.     Of course, if you are all for the New World Order and the breakdown of this western civilization you won’t agree with what was recorded all those years ago.     No wonder the Christian Church is in such a mess; she sold out her ‘birthright’ many years ago!      11 February 1977: “Institutions are means to an end, and I do not think it is too much to say that the elevation of means into ends... constitutes an unforgivable sin, in the pragmatic sense that it brings upon itself the most tremendous penalties that life contains.”- - - C.H. Douglas.

Also read: The Elite : The Story of the Rhodesian Special Air Service by Barbara Cole\


     The following is portion of a newsletter issued by the Rhodesia Christian Group, and sent to us by the Rev. Father Arthur Lewis:

“At the end of last year I returned briefly to my old mission-district in the Honde Valley, now perhaps the most war-torn area of Rhodesia. We travelled in mine-proof vehicles. In the driving rain near the Mozambique border I saw the dead and mutilated bodies of twenty-seven defenceless tea-estate workers, ripped by bullets and slashed by bayonets. This appalling atrocity was perpetrated by terrorist raiders in the presence of the victims’ wives and children, with whom I was able to speak and pray.

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     Comrade Robert Mugabe, the former terrorist who came to power in the little African nation once known as Rhodesia as a result of the misguided activities of Malcolm Fraser and other Commonwealth leaders, continues to run true to form. His first step towards a one party State was to invite the Stalinist North Korean Communists to train the notorious Fifth Brigade, which brutally butchered the Matabele in Western Zimbabwe. Fellow terrorist, Joshua Nkomo, was forced to flee the country for a period. His support comes from the Matabele, an offshoot of the Zulus. Nkomo felt that his wife and family would be safer living in British Columbia, Canada. They felt much safer in Rhodesia when Ian Smith was Prime Minister.

     Now comes the news that Mugabe has entered into an expensive deal with the Soviet Union to provide him with the Soviet’s latest MIG fighters. This means spending millions of limited foreign reserves. But as Zimbabwe continues to be heavily subsidised by the West, Mugabe no doubt hopes that the West will continue to help sustain him.  As there are no Zimbabwe pilots capable of flying the Soviet MIG fighters, this raises the question of whether Soviet or other pilots will have to be provided.

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     As a background to the Lusaka conference of heads of what is now called “the Commonwealth”, it should be recalled what was agreed to at the Hilton Hotel Conference of those Commonwealth heads who accepted Prime Minister (Malcolm) Fraser’s invitation to meet in Sydney in February of last year, 1978.

     Section 14 of the official communiqué, issued on February 16, read “Reviewing the situation in Southern Africa, Heads of Government reiterated their concerns and commitments expressed in London in June, 1977 (at the Commonwealth Conference) “Condemning the racist system of apartheid in South Africa they have once again called on the international community to take effective measures to compel South Africa to bring about majority rule. “They welcomed the recent talks held in Malta on Zimbabwe in the context of the Anglo-American proposals, and stressed their belief that any solution from which the Patriotic Front was excluded would be unacceptable to the international community.”

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Wednesday, 22 November 2017     Zimbabweans celebrate after President Robert Mugabe resigns in Harare, ZimbabweZimbabweans celebrate late into the night after Robert Mugabe resigns, ending The end of Robert Mugabe’s 37-year rule sparks wild celebrations in the streets.From tanks to resignation: Mugabe’s last days Here’s what has been happening in Zimbabwe last week, in two minutes.      Posted at 5:31‘I can’t believe he’s gone, we’re so happy’Zimbabwe’s Mugabe resigns: ‘I can’t believe he’s gone, we’re so happy’Zimbabweans have gathered on the streets to celebrate Robert Mugabe stepping down as president.     Posted at 5:26Tsvangirai ‘hopeful’ after Mugabe’s resignationMorgan Tsvangirai ‘hopeful’ after Robert Mugabe’s resignationOpposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai says he hopes the president’s resignation will put Zimbabwe on a “new trajectory”.     Posted at 5:01Zimbabweans react: ‘Is it true, is it true?’Zimbabweans celebrate the news of President Mugabe’s resignationResidents of Harare have taken to the streets to celebrate the news that President Mugabe is standing down. Karnie Sharp spoke to them just as the news broke:     Posted at 4:34How Zimbabwe is celebrating - Dancing in HararePeople dance in the streets as the resignation of Robert Mugabe as president of Zimbabwe is announced.     Posted at 4:08Mugabe: From war hero to resignationRobert Mugabe: From war hero to resignation as president Zimbabwe’s leader Robert Mugabe has resigned as president of Zimbabwe, ending a 37-year rule.Read further:


     Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun, November 16, 2017       An army coup has toppled Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe, and that’s good. But the army chief first went to China to talk to its defence boss, and that suggests just how tight China’s control over Zimbabwe now is. But where’s the Left protesting against this interference, like they would if this were the CIA? My editorial from The Bolt Report.   Continue reading...

Also read: The Elite : The Story of the Rhodesian Special Air Service by Barbara Cole\


     So why do we fell this independent pine of Norfolk Island?    Matthew Lesh,  The Australian November 21, 2017     Most Australians know little of Norfolk Island. It is, after all, a small island territory with just 1700 inhabitants located 1400km from our mainland. Nevertheless, we should be concerned about the disastrous economic and social consequences following the Australian government’s elimination of Norfolk’s self-rule.  The Australian government has thrown out basic principles of self-determination and good government in a brazen Canberra-knows-best takeover.

     In June 2015, Australia abolished Norfolk’s government, legislative assembly and public service, and appointed an external administrator and an advisory council. The island also has been incorporated into NSW, though it has no say in the state government.The takeover, which was undertaken against the wishes of 68 per cent of Norfolk residents, has inevitably had devastating consequences.

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Lesson from History: Transgender Mania is Sign of Cultural Collapse - Camille Paglia on Dec 14, 2016 Author, art professor, feminist, and cultural commentator Camille Paglia speaks on the current transgender mania, the wisdom of early medical & surgical intervention (calling it “child abuse”, and how the explosion of gender identities is a recurring sign of cultural collapse throughout the history of civilization. Watch the full Camille Paglia video at the Battle of Ideas: <> <>  Gravitahn <>

Jordan Peterson REACTS to Liberals Screaming at the Sky on Fox & Friends


     Jacqui Lambie bids tearful farewell to Senate after shock British citizenship finding forces her out By Lucy Sweeney, ABC News 14 November 2017

     Jacqui Lambie has made an emotional farewell to the Senate after discovering this morning she is "not as bloody Australian as they come". Key points:

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Letter Penned Prince Charles Sparks Controversy

Prince Charles suggested 'influx of foreign Jews' was partly to blame for Middle East unrest and asked who will take on 'Jewish lobby' in America in letter to close friend

     A letter penned by Prince Charles in 1986 reveals his views on the Middle East The letter was written to his mentor, the Afrikaner explorer Laurens van der Post He argues that the exodus of European Jews helped cause unrest in the region He also writes his hopes that the 'American Jewish lobby'will be stood up to 'Jewish lobby' is considered by some to be an anti-Semitic term, often criticised But Charles has always had a good relationship with the UK Jewish community

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Courageous Canada Targets Russia — Washington Says Jump — Ottawa Asks How High?


     Your site provides a considerable amount of historical information on the “money question” but concentrates wrongly on the question of interest charges made by the credit creation of private bankers with the usual misguided recommendation that “private money creation” should be vested in the hands of sovereign governments. The fatal flaw in this recommendation is that it would place the power of money, or credit, creation as a centralized power resident in the hands of the State. This proviso is one of the main points of the Communist Manifesto and state control of credit was exercised also by the fascist States. Credit is the means of activating real productive resources and State control of its issue and cancellation confers centralized control over the entire real credit, i.e., productive capacity, of a nation. This control combined with a mis-conceived policy of “full-employment”, which you clearly have endorsed, is a certain recipe for tyranny.

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