A group of Christians has erected a massive cross outside the city of Mosul on land recently liberated from domination by the Islamic State terror group. The Chaldean Catholic Patriarch of Baghdad, Louis Raphael Sako, visited the site and blessed the new cross in the village of Telekuf-Tesqopa, 17 miles from Mosul.A large group of Christian faithful accompanied the archbishop to a hill on the outskirts of the city where he blessed the enormous cross as the people set off fireworks and cheered, “Victory! Victory! Victory! For those who chose the faith and those who return!”

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At his annual press conference, Russian President, Vladimir Putin accused Western Elites of attempting to normalize pedophilia and abandon traditional values that made their countries great.

He claimsed that The New World Order is trying to normalize pedophilia by creating a culture of "excessive, exaggerated political correctness" that will destroy Western Civilization if it isn't dealt with.In the four-hour-long question and answer session, Russia's leader said that the West was abandoning traditional values instead of building a future based on solid Christian values. YNW reports:

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“He can’t be serious” were my first thoughts to the On Line article “A Christian church” by Peter Bowden 22/2/2017.

He writes: “The dictionaries will tell you that the word Christian has two meanings: One is a follower of the Christian Church, the second is having qualities usually associated with Christians, especially those of decency, kindness, and fairness. This is an article about the second type of Christian. Or at least a second type of Christian Church.

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This is what Wallace Klinck thinks of Cory Berardi's latest bulletin of "Common Sense Lives Here:

Cory Bernardi says that his new so-called “Australian Conservatives" Movement is driving “change” in Australia but from his comments in this bulletin it is more than obvious that the “change” of which he speaks is actually more of the same and even an intended intensification of the tragic and misguided policies which have been the mark of Western politicians in the past—policies which have been contaminated by Pharisaism with the consequent continued phased  degradation of Christian Civilization.  Is Cory simply uninformed—or has he caved in to the false Left-Right dialectic fostered by the forces of destruction which from time immemorial have waged relentless war against Christian beliefs--and especially any organic incarnation of them?

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Migration Politics - Mammon Again?

Discussing on Hungarian television the misbehaviour of migrants in Cologne at the end of last year, a former politician and leading economist of Hungary, Dr. László Bogár, attempted to uncover the roots of the problem of the immigrant invasion, still continuing in Europe. Here follows Dr Bogár’s analysis, shortened and adapted:

A Global Power wishes to annihilate all that is humane, all that has dignity. And since the European White Man still possesses too much of this, it wants to annihilate the European White Man.

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I readily admit to spending some time struggling and striving with what psychology professor Jordan B. Peterson presents in his book “Maps of Meaning”, and yes, there is a particular reason for persevering with the task; it is his understanding of how the ancients perceived the world around them – and told their ‘stories’ of what they ‘saw’.

You may ask “Why?”.  The answer is summed up by J.R.R. Tolkien’s female character Galadriel in The Lord of the Rings: “And some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend. Legend became myth. And for two and a half thousand years, the ring passed out of all knowledge.”  In my mind, the Ring of Power symbolises the Money Power or Mammon as it was once known as.

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“…and they are in the process of invading the rest of western culture,” warns Professor Jordan B. Peterson of the University of Toronto.

“I am against the use of legislation to determine what words that myself and other people are required to utter.  I don’t believe that other people have the right to determine what language I use, especially when it is backed by legislation, and when the words that are being required are the artificial constructions of people that I regard as radical ideologues whose viewpoint I do not share….”

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"In relation to the fundamental flaw with the financial system which has been carefully identified and addressed by Dr. Heydorn in this article, it is interesting to note that the Bank of International Settlements postulated two theories in its 2015-2016 annual report - secular stagnation and financial bubbles, as explanations for the current malaise.I think we could argue that these two are actually interrelated: secular stagnation is inevitable since costs rise faster than incomes: financial bubbles are the result of attempting to overcome such stagnation with increased borrowing. In which case, by tackling the first, (through a National Dividend, perhaps along with a Just Price mechanism) we can prevent the second."

Oliver continues: I also came across this article by Dr. John Hussman which presents his analysis of the causes of US economic stagnation:

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According to the campaign hype in West Australia, if elected Labor will create more jobs and if re-elected Liberals will sell off one of the State’s assets to help pay its financial debts. The ABC News reports: “WA election: Jobs, debt and pumping tunes at Liberals' and Labor's launch events”Ref: Talk about political stooges for the Money Power!  Vote for either party and West Australians can expect more of the same – only worse than before as the situation deteriorates.

Oliver Heydorn sent us the following report which is worth reading and digesting.  It seems the real situation is finally sinking in. But first his article: What's Wrong with the Financial System? A Social Credit Perspective by M. Oliver Heydorn, February 13, 2017

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In October of year 2017, the centenary of the completion of this wide brown land’s East-West railway will be celebrated.  There is quite a story to be told in relation to the East-West railway - stretching from the east coast to the west coast of Australia – and how it was built without debt to the people.In the Preface to the ninth edition of “The Story of the Commonwealth Bank” July 1940 D. J. Amos, F.A.I.S. took us back into the historical background all Australians need to know. Preface to the Ninth Edition"The Story of the Commonwealth Bank" was originally delivered as a lecture before the Sturt Electoral Committee, Adelaide, and was first printed in pamphlet form in 1931. It exhibited the usual defect of all lectures, namely, condensation of the subject matter to an extreme degree.The great and unexpected demand which arose for the pamphlet found me so closely occupied in other work that the second and third editions had to be printed practically unaltered, and I began to be more and more sensible of the need for amplifications and additions. These were accordingly made in the fourth (revised) edition, after which only minor additions, for the sake of clearness, were inserted in subsequent editions until the eighth was called for. It was then found necessary to continue the story up to Australia's entry into the second world war (1939), and also to include in it a short account of the note issue.  In the present (ninth) edition it has been deemed advisable to mention very briefly some important paragraphs in the Report of the Royal Commission on the Australian Monetary and Banking System (appointed in 1935), as this most important report is now either out of print or has been withdrawn from circulation.It only remains for me to thank the general public for the cordial reception they gave to all "The Commonwealth Stories," and which encouraged me to persevere and complete the series.ADELAIDE, July, 1940.D. J. AMOS, F.A.I.S.

More on this matter will be brought to the light as we approach the centenary in October. Read D.J. Amos’ work here…. [PDF]The Story of the Commonwealth Bank - Australian League of Rights Library PREFACE TO THE NINTH EDITION"The Story of the Commonwealth Bank" was originally delivered as a lecture before the Sturt Electoral Committee, Adelaide.

The "sustainability" ploy from CFACT

Ref: radicals are circling the wagons to defend “global warming” as a rationale to grant them economic and political power, but they're having a tough time. Their scientific case is collapsing.What's a Green to do? Pivot to an eco-campaign that defies any objective measure of objectivity whatsoever: "Sustainability."  The "sustainability" ploy has been working its way through the UN since the first Rio "Earth Summit" in 1992 (we know, CFACT was there), was written into the UN's "Agenda 21" document, and is today quietly but steadily working its way through state and local government halls near you.

CFACT senior policy analyst Paul Driessen posted substantial details at are a few samples of what the Greens are saying about their utopian eco-cause of “sustainability”:

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Hanson tackles Section 18c Racial Discrimination Act in the senate - Hansard November 24, 2016

Pauline Hanson addresses the racial Discrimination ActSenator HANSON (Queensland) (10:48): I have listened to some comments in this chamber today and all I hear about is racism. Let me make my point very clear. When I first came into parliament I stood on the ground of equality for all Australians—equality regardless of race, colour or creed. Also, what I have tried to make quite clear is that, yes, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people were the first peoples of this land here. Yes, Australia was colonised and people came here. Since then, many migrants from around the world have sought to make Australia their home. They have come here to join us and to be one of us, and I welcome that. My first husband was actually Polish. He was a migrant after the Second World War who came to Australia for a new life with his mother.

I have had involvement with people of all different cultural backgrounds. The manager of my shop—my fish and chip shop—was also a refugee from Laos. I had the highest regard for her and we worked very well together. I had properties that I actually rented out to an Aboriginal lady and her child. My children grew up in the same street with Aboriginal children. My association will all different cultures has been one that I have cherished. My parents were people that welcomed anyone into their homes, and that is how I was taught. I have respect for so many different cultures and the people. Respect is earned by the person, not purely based on who they are or their race. It must be earned.

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Peter Sellick is concerned upon discovering Christian theology was replaced by a ‘new’ theology (On Line Opinion, Peter Sellick “A new heaven and a new earth” 2 February 2017.  He credits German theologian Johannes Weiss (1863-1914) with the recovery of the Gospel message of “an imminent kingdom of God that was a social reality.”

But there is more to the failure of the Church than you are allowing for Peter.  I offer a portion of Clifford Hugh Douglas’s article The Enemy, originally published in The New English Weekly, 1933 and republished in The Social Crediter 1979.  Found here….

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I see that barrister Louise Clegg in her address to the Institute of Public Affairs has suggested that what is needed for ruling parties to ease the gridlock of an uncontrolled Senate, is to have longer parliamentary terms and joint sittings of both Houses to ‘ease the passage of Bills through the Parliaments’.  Her paper appeared on David Pascoe’s Facebook page.

She thought that “If the two major parties had the slightest inclination to put the national interest above their own, they would embark on bipartisan efforts for sensible constitutional change, such as lengthening parliamentary terms and the mooted constitutional amendment to enable joint sittings to address parliamentary gridlock.  These would provide much-needed structural circuit breakers and help governments to govern…”

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Remarkable Anniversaries for a Remarkable Lady

Prince Charles will be 69 in November, the Duchess of Cornwall 70 in July and Prince William will be 35, also in July.

On the 6th of February, Her Majesty will celebrate 65 years as our sovereign head of state and on the 21st of April she will celebrate her 91st birthday and on the 20th November she and the Duke of Edinburgh will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary. Remarkable anniversaries for a remarkable lady indeed.In the 6th century, after the rule of Rome had ended there lived a philosopher called Boethius. He wrote a number of books, some drawing on the philosophy of Plato and Socrates. One of his books was called ‘The Consolation of Philosophy’.  King Alfred the Great was so taken with this work that he had it translated into English which was a huge task for those days. He wrote an introduction to his translation:

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The Queen. 65 Years on the Throne!

Today, the 6th February 2017, marks the 65th anniversary of the Queen’s accession to the Throne.

For Her Majesty this is also the anniversary of her father’s passing and she has indicated she will spend the day in quiet contemplation.   Yet, it appears that there will be no formal acknowledgement by Australian Federal and State governments nor, more importantly, does it seem that there will be any church services commemorating the first time in our shared history that a monarch has served her people for so long.   Called the “Blue-Sapphire Jubilee” it is unlikely that we will see another such anniversary for at least a hundred years and probably far longer.   The Australian Monarchist League has written on this matter to the Prime Minister and other dignitaries but without response.     Philip Benwell National Chair Australian Monarchist League

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I think I see just what is planned for at least one section of the society.  Yes, a Universal Basic Income (UBI) will come in – there are too many millions who cannot get a job because of technology and robotics taking over, and replacing them in the workforce.  In such circumstances, too much danger of the Precariat revolting and the elite losing control of this world order.

But it is not intended that the UBI will be issued through new credits/money, as the National (Consumer) Dividend would be, but only through the raising of more taxes by governments and/or more debt taken on by governments.

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Letter to The Editor

To The AustralianHenry Herzog is wrong on three counts (3/2). Holocaust revisionists cannot fairly be called 'Holocaust deniers' (a prejudicial term). Men like Germar Rudolf, Robert Faurisson and Jurgen Graf (to name only three) are not motivated by the wish to incite racial hatred, but by a concern for truth. And thirdly they do not claim that historians and survivors made it 'all' up. No one of any intellectual stature seriously claims that. Everyone agrees that the Nazis had an anti-Jewish policy and that many Jews suffered unjustly as a result.One reason for dispensing with section 18C is that it will free up public discussion of the continuing controversies about what really happened during the Nazi period.NJ, Belgrave, Vic


Thanks to the Social Credit Discussion group I was introduced to “Mr. Money Mustache’s” website.  As a newcomer I would say the site is dedicated to helping people get out of debt, learn to live more frugally and still enjoy life. As a social crediter I related to his article “Efficiency is the Highest Form of Beauty” although I didn’t agree with his basic understanding of ‘economics’, but that is another matter.

The title of the article reminded me of my sense of awe and wonder whenever I see one of those huge jet-engine passenger planes come in to land, or take off.  I ‘see’ a gigantic bird hovering over an airfield preparing to come to earth.  I am in awe at the realisation that the beautiful ‘bird’ is doing just what it was/is designed to do.  Truly its efficiency is (one example) of the highest form(s) of beauty. Which brings me to the Social Credit definition of ‘efficiency’.

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Letter to The Editor

To The AgeJulie Szego has entered a dreamland ('Trump delivers chaos', 2/2) in asserting that 'chaos is precisely what Trump promised and in his mind is an affirmation of his potency.' This sort of wild vapouring is actually the response of someone who intensely dislikes the new president's political programme: it is intellectually chaotic comment masquerading as criticism.

Reduction of immigration into the USA and Australia is necessary to maintain quality of life and is supported by a majority of citizens in both cases. Anomalies in the decisions about who is excluded, and hard luck stories of individual suffering, do not negate this practical reality. As for Szego's remark that the terminology of the White House statement on 27 January was 'the politically correct term for soft Holocaust denial', she ignores the fact that 'Holocaust denial' is itself a politically correct term. Seeking to demonise Trump, she demonises others.NJ, Belgrave, Vic