David Pascoe’s Facebook writes:  Beyond belief: The Chiarman of Australian Foreign Investment Review Board joins ‘Asian Buyout Team’ – yet sees no conflict of interest.  The Chairman apparently believes that 'the hooker in a suit' was simply a line in a movie.  No wonder the rage is burning right across the nation

ABC News:  7/9/2016  Brian Wilson FIRB chairmanBear in mind, Brian Wilson has been chairman of the FIRB since April 2012. Scott Morrison, the Treasurer, has rejected concerns about the potential for perceived conflicts of interest after the chairman of the Foreign Investment Review Board was appointed to a key advisory position with a global private equity group.A spokesman for Mr Morrison said FIRB chairman Brian Wilson would step aside from deliberations that involve his new role as a senior advisor with The Carlyle Group's Asia buyout team.  "He has agreed to remove himself from consideration of any cases that Carlyle is involved in," the spokesman said."FIRB needs to attract people with deep knowledge and experience in foreign investment. It has strong procedures in place to manage conflicts."  Carlyle issued a statement containing comments from Mr Wilson who said he was "delighted" to partner with the private equity group."I look forward to working closely with the team to assist as it pursues new investment opportunities across various sectors in Australasia and to create value for Carlyle's portfolio companies," he said.In his role as FIRB chairman, Mr Wilson is in charge of the organisation that recommends whether the Treasurer should approve or reject large foreign investments in Australian businesses.


Former Pollie Tells it Like It Is - Source: Douglas:  We got to this because our political parties were completely taken over by lobbyists and the only people pre-selected to be our representatives are factional drones, staffers or those who can be black-mailed.

Both major parties are guilty. The members now make little effort to disguise both their intent or their true masters. It is no wonder the leader of the communist Chinese government is scolding a petulant disobedient Australian PM for he has paid his money and he wants an outcome that fits his plans.The politicians may have sold their souls to the Chinese but we, the people, owe them nothing. Turnbull not only needs to get some "balls" but work for his true masters, the Australian public.


With tongue-in-cheek, the UK newspaper ‘The Independent’ carried a report on the antics of a UK MP Keith Vaz:“It's heroic of Keith Vaz to have done so much personal research into the prostitution laws he was helping to reform.  How on earth is the Home Affairs committee chair to acquaint himself with the ins and outs of male prostitution, if not by having affairs at home with male prostitutes? How better to investigate the impact of cocaine than by offering it to guests, and observing its effects on mind and body close-up?...”Continue reading here… POLITICS 2016 STYLE ?But Francis Carr Begbie on the Occidental Observer site was not so generous.  Begbie asks:

“Why did Keith Vaz protect Greville Janner?” Just as the British establishment thought it had buried the Lord Greville Janner child abuse story it is coming back to haunt them in the most unexpected ways. For one of Janner’s closest political associates and stoutest defenders has been filmed by a tabloid newspaper hiring young male prostitutes and asking for drugs.

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Dastyari under fire after Chinese donor covers travel bill

Sam Dastyari's charity donation rejected in wake of claims about Chinese fundsUnder parliamentary privilege, Liberal senator Cory Bernardi has claimed the transaction has the "stench of corruption" and called for him to stand down or be sacked.Senator Dastyari said "on reflection" he should have paid the bill himself, and he had promised to donate the money to charity."

'Is Sam Dastyari fit to be in Parliament?': Pressure builds on MP over China money  asks The Sydney Morning Herald

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Madam Deputy, Chinese Communist Party and the Liberals

Credit belongs to Dr. David Pascoe for his earlier Facebook revelations of the questionable influence of Chinese companies with Australian politicians and political parties.

PM Turnbull stands grinning beside the Chinese Ambassador

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Keeping the Australian Public Out: Race Inquiry by Ian Wilson LL.B.

The Human Rights Commission is seeking to have the public prevented from commenting on an inquiry into their handling of the University student race-hate case. (The Australian, August 8, 2016, p.5) The commission submitted that it would not be appropriate to consider submissions from the public. That, I think, is the best argument which one can giv...
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