I think I see just what is planned for at least one section of the society.  Yes, a Universal Basic Income (UBI) will come in – there are too many millions who cannot get a job because of technology and robotics taking over, and replacing them in the workforce.  In such circumstances, too much danger of the Precariat revolting and the elite losing control of this world order.

But it is not intended that the UBI will be issued through new credits/money, as the National (Consumer) Dividend would be, but only through the raising of more taxes by governments and/or more debt taken on by governments.

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NSW council amalgamations by Bob Ryan

Source: was interesting that on the day following President Trump telling the people of the USA that they, the people, were taking back control, a mass turnout in Washington claimed they were taking back control. Yet President Trump and those in the mass turnout are on opposing sides. Because each side wants to improve the lot of their fellow Americans it would seem although the goal is common to both the means of achieving it differ. President Trump wants to do it his way and the protesters prefer the Democrats' way.

At the same time, in a very scaled-down version of a similar protest, representatives of the people in New South Wales demonstrated in favour of taking back control; in this instance, control of their local government areas. Here again, we have opposing sides seeking the same goal: i.e. better local government but, here again, the means of achieving it differ. The NSW government wants to do it one way and the protesters, another.

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Senator Culleton, the Kangaroo Court & Skippy the Senate President by cairnsnews

KAP Federal Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter believes democracy has been compromised in response to the Senate President’s decision to remove Senator Rod Culleton from the Senate before Senator Culleton’s bankruptcy appeals have been exhausted. Mr Katter is resolute that the bankruptcy ruling is not final until the appeals have been exhausted.


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We must always keep the fact firmly fixed in our minds, that genuine democracy is decentralised control of policy making. This is in harmony with the Christian philosophy that all power and authority should arise from within the Individual, who should have the greatest possible self-determination.

There are two basic philosophies in the world, each diametrically opposed to the other; obviously these two philosophies and the policies arising from them, result in two different types of organisation. All organisation has to do with the association of individuals.

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YES! The Australian people must play their part in this Constitutional Monarchy!

It is not just 'freedom' alone that we want.  Freedom must be balanced by responsibility and accountability - not only on the part of the elected representative, but also by the Australian people themselves.   The Senator (Rod Culleton) has worked hard for this.  It is now up to the Australian people to put pressure on their own political representative and get behind Rod Culleton's fight on their behalf.Listen to Rod's video explanation: the BIG NEWS this morning is that George Christensen is ready to cross the floor over banks’ commission of inquiry.  WE ARE SO CLOSE!  This is a result from people power and the Australian people telling their politians what they WANT.  But we need more  pressure - take a listen and share this message:

Senator Rod Culleton and the High Court


Senator Rod Culleton explains the background to his High Court challenge on his eligibility to sit in the SenateIt seems the good Senator will at the same time introduce many Australians to the Commonwealth Constitution.I am sure we will all await the High Court's decision with great interest.


I find most articles on ‘democracy’,  ‘populism’ and such like quite confusing.  There is no clarity in just what is meant by the terms, and, as I have written I think Senator Pauline Hanson is confused not only by the terms but as to her Constitutional role in the Senate.

An accurate definition of the word ‘democracy’ is surely “the power of the people”? As to 'populism' - surely that relates to the will of the people clearly expressed?

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How confusing are the definitions of such terms as ‘democracy’ and ‘democratic government’ : ‘populist’ and ‘populist policies’ : ‘majority vote’, ‘majority rule’ : etc., as found in modern dictionaries.John Roskam’s article in the Australian Financial Review, 2nd December 2016,  “Democracy Is Not Populism” tried to clarify what is meant by such terms – but failed for me - I don’t think he got to the heart of the matter.We are now approaching the Australian League of Rights’ annual break and now is not the time for anything too heavy – but I would like to leave you with Michael Lane’s introduction to “Power and Freedom” where some answers to the matter might be found … Read full article here...

Power and Freedom Featuring a new section, "Ownership and Control" “No writings could be more of a challenge to the reader than C. H. Douglas's of the 1940s. The style is compressed, elliptical, and allusive; the order of treatment is anything but systematic; and the transitions are bewildering. Douglas had by this time so internalized his ideas that everything is connected to everything else, and he expects the reader to make connections that are by no means obvious.

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So Rod Culleton didn’t please Party leader Pauline Hanson by ‘crossing the floor’ on a Backpacker’s Tax Bill. The headline reads:  “Hanson angry at Culleton as MPs head home”. “Senators are leaving Canberra for the long summer break with tensions frayed in One Nation.Leader Pauline Hanson is angry her colleague Rod Culleton would not support the party's position on the 15 per cent backpacker tax, instead siding with cross benchers Derryn Hinch (Victoria) and Jacqui Lambie (Tasmania).  "I was so annoyed that Rod Culleton actually crossed the floor," she told Sky News.  In the end, Senator Culleton backed 13 per cent but the government won the day for its 15 per cent rate with support from the Greens and the three other One Nation senators…”

Pauline, I think the question you have to ask yourself is this:  Did the people who voted for Rod Culleton vote for him to represent their interests and the interests of West Australia first – or did they vote for him expecting him to ‘toe the party line’ even though it meant going against that which was in that State’s interest?Might the electors have been naïve enough to think the Senator was in the Senate – the House of Review - to represent the interests of West Australia and West Australians?

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Babette Francis (Endeavour Forum) wrote in a Quadrant article “Panic in the Left’s Giggle Factory” 19th November 2016:

“He isn't making with the gags himself, but Donald Trump is boosting global merriment by inspiring his critics to make monumental jokes of themselves. They simper, they sob, they pack suitcases and, most of all, they sneer non-stop at voters deemed so less intelligent than their precious selves.If US President-elect Donald Trump achieves nothing during his four years in the White House, he has at least given us days of laughter following his election.  In this grim world of ours there is often little to laugh about, so thank you, Mr. President-elect, for the hilarity following your election. Observing the mainstream media scrutinizing the tea leaves (and their own entrails) has been side-splitting.

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Rod Culleton in 'WHAT’S UP ROD?' - Nov 5, 2016A little levity before we break up for the year of 2016.  After an eventful week in Parliament, Rod Culleton is summoned by the judge from the 1972 film "What's Up, Doc?" to help bring some clarity to the whole situation.


One of the first signs to look for will be the names and backgrounds of the folks Donald Trump, will appoint in his new administration. Especially his Chief of Staff and Secretary of State. I see that the President-elect of the United States of America is showing signs of “looking to old Wall Street hands” to fill some of the jobs that will be in his power to offer.So, when President Trump has put America back on the road to prosperity, what will he do with the production surplus that his own people cannot purchase through lack of purchasing power, and to which countries will he export the surpluses in this age of the Robotic Revolution – far surpassing the productivity, along with the globalization and ‘unemployment’, of the 20th century? 

Here is one example:  American ‘Greg’ emailed the following to Canadian Wallace Klinck:“Wally, there was a recent radio segment about Youngstown, [Ohio, USA], Steel country where mills long ago shut down.  When a French steelmaker moved in to set up a new mill, [there was] initial rejoicing, but it needed to hire only 400 workers to do production formerly requiring 20-thousand workers.  The factories come back but not the jobs.”

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Royalties for West Australia Voters $38,000 Cash ?

A new WA political party offers $38,000 to each voter to expose just how big the government grab for cash is.People send me stuff. A new party is forming in WA in time for the state election next March. The main idea here is to expose just how large the sums of money are that our pollies casually toss around, and how much money individual voters are potentially giving up to bureaucrats.The background is that West Australians pay their 10% GST like the rest of the nation, but get only a third of it back from the Federal government at the moment - which leaves people feeling pretty miffed over here. No other state has ever got less than about 90% back. The mining boom meant the population grew a massive 40% from 2000 to 2015. Infrastructure, roads, rail, public transport has failed to keep up. Plus somehow the supposedly conservative local state government managed to run up a huge debt during the boom — yes, it’s that bad.

The Nationals leader, Brendon Grylls, wants to do something about the GST imbalance but is proposing to get the money back by adding a bigger tax onto BHP and Rio. Go figure.This is a monster money-grab risking WA’s reputation as a good place to invest. It’s got sovereign risk, written all over it. Brendon Grylls has successfully run before on a plan called Royalties for Regions — which put mining royalties back into the regional areas where the royalties were mostly earned. Though vast sums of money end up being fed into things like community centres, sculptures and touring performers. A new party is proposing to take that extra mining tax and give it back to the voters of rural WA. To give you some idea of just how much money is at stake, if this new tax came in, hypothetically, each rural voter could get an extraordinary $38,000 each to spend or invest over the next four years…..Read further…

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Conflict of Interest

While this is a matter for the appropriate authorities the bigger issue of dairy farmers being forced off their lands because of financial problems is another and more serious matter.  The following note was sent to the news outlet that ran the story:Betty Luks Do yourselves a favour and go to the Distributist Review:

If you continue to follow up the material on Social Credit you will realise there is always a chronic lack of purchasing power so that, not only can’t the dairy farmers get a just price for their milk, neither can many consumers afford to pay more for their daily needs!But it will take a little brain power to finally ‘get the picture’ that has developed over at least the last three centuries. One of the sources of the problems was/is the Industrial Revolution. Machines are not paid a wage – but their overheads are included in prices. Wages of course are a source of ‘purchasing power’.Costs go into prices which of course have to be recovered in the market place. Wages divided into Costs/Prices simply don’t go far enough under the present financial system.But overall, of course, is the part played by the Financial System.Read further here: Jaquie Lambie’s newsletter published …

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Faith is Fragile by Senator Cori Bernardi

ED - Senator Bernardi may not know that Eric D. Butler predicted many years ago that if the main political parties did not change their financial policies then this nation would end up in chaos and disorder - and so it has.  Possible, just possibly, the Liberals will have a look and return once more back to their founding principles.  They were genuine conservative values as expressed at the time.

South Australian Senator Cori Bernardi wrote:Faith is fragile. Once it is lost, it is very hard to see it restored."To many, the sentence above will be seen through the lens of religious faith alone, but the fragility of faith extends far beyond that realm.Our society depends on faith; faith in our institutions and in others is the single most important ingredient that unites our society. If we believe that our highly evolved system of interaction, discipline and ethics is working for our betterment then we are more likely to respect it. In short, we have faith in it.But when we lose confidence in the system, the system itself starts to break down. For many, that seems to be happening now.

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Our thanks go to Ellen Brown for her latest article, “Central Bank Digital Currencies: A Revolution in Banking”.  Whether the proposed concept is known as ‘digital currencies’ or I refer to it as ‘carbon currencies’, its implementation would achieve the same goal – and that goal is the control of a nation’s financial system being completely taken out of national governments’ hands and handed over to a  Central Banking System, starting with England, China, Canada and the United Sates.    Ellen Brown who writes:

“Several central banks, including the Bank of England, the People’s Bank of China, the Bank of Canada and the Federal Reserve, are exploring the concept of issuing their own digital currencies, using the blockchain technology developed for Bitcoin. Skeptical commentators suspect that their primary goal is to eliminate cash, setting us up for negative interest rates (we pay the bank to hold our deposits rather than the reverse).

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2GB - Malcolm Roberts One Nation- Establish a Peoples Bank

Agenda 21

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“Sam Dastyari had been in the Senate mere months when a ghost from his past came back to haunt him. He was sued by a marketing company over work it said he had commissioned and then abandoned while general secretary of the NSW Labor Party.He settled the case for around $5000, but rather than pay it himself or get the Labor Party to help, he sent the bill to the Yuhu Group, reporting its support in the register of senators' interests.

The Shenzhen Yuhu investment development group was founded by Huang Xiangmo, a Chinese-Australian billionaire to whom $5000 was literally small change.”Ref:


Bill Pickering writes: “… So Mr Bean is on the communists’ payroll? Big deal! Well, it would be a big deal for any entity other than the Labor Party because for 80 years a right of passage to a Labor safe seat was the obligatory trip to Moscow to spill one’s guts over what an awful democratic direction Australia was travelling in.Dastyari is a member of the NSW Catholic Right, the most notorious of factions that combined with the Victorian Left’s union power base to give us Bob Carr, Julia Gillard, Bill Shorten, Graham Richardson, Tony Burke and an array of other Labor sub-luminaries and Sydney underworld spivs…

After the break-up of the Soviet Union the ALP’s fascination with communism was limited to Cuba and China. China won. So there has been a steady trek of Labor’s up-and-comers, like Dastyari, to Beijing….”

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This is the greatest political cop-out. CHINA BUYING UP OUR PRIME AGRICULTURAL LANDListen here....

ALAN JONES ON THE GREAT CHINESE BUY-UP The Federal Government's release of Foreign Investment figures - and their argument that "China only owns one per cent" - shows how suddenly deeply panicked they are by the emergence of massive people power and the growing rage at the sell-out of our nation.What they haven't added, mind you, is the fact that China is mostly only buying up the best of the best - and remember, we only have 4% of our nation classified as 'prime agricultural land"Of course, there are plenty who insist that the big sell-off to China is all part of the major parties' "business plan ' - that, and maintaining the massive flow of overseas donations to both parties.