Hanson tackles Section 18c Racial Discrimination Act in the senate - Hansard November 24, 2016

Pauline Hanson addresses the racial Discrimination ActSenator HANSON (Queensland) (10:48): I have listened to some comments in this chamber today and all I hear about is racism. Let me make my point very clear. When I first came into parliament I stood on the ground of equality for all Australians—equality regardless of race, colour or creed. Also, what I have tried to make quite clear is that, yes, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people were the first peoples of this land here. Yes, Australia was colonised and people came here. Since then, many migrants from around the world have sought to make Australia their home. They have come here to join us and to be one of us, and I welcome that. My first husband was actually Polish. He was a migrant after the Second World War who came to Australia for a new life with his mother.

I have had involvement with people of all different cultural backgrounds. The manager of my shop—my fish and chip shop—was also a refugee from Laos. I had the highest regard for her and we worked very well together. I had properties that I actually rented out to an Aboriginal lady and her child. My children grew up in the same street with Aboriginal children. My association will all different cultures has been one that I have cherished. My parents were people that welcomed anyone into their homes, and that is how I was taught. I have respect for so many different cultures and the people. Respect is earned by the person, not purely based on who they are or their race. It must be earned.

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Peter Sellick is concerned upon discovering Christian theology was replaced by a ‘new’ theology (On Line Opinion, Peter Sellick “A new heaven and a new earth” 2 February 2017.  He credits German theologian Johannes Weiss (1863-1914) with the recovery of the Gospel message of “an imminent kingdom of God that was a social reality.”

But there is more to the failure of the Church than you are allowing for Peter.  I offer a portion of Clifford Hugh Douglas’s article The Enemy, originally published in The New English Weekly, 1933 and republished in The Social Crediter 1979.  Found here…. http://socialcredit.com.au/The%20Social%20Crediter/Volume%2058/The%20Social%20Crediter%20Vol%2058%20No%206%20Nov-Dec%201979.pdf.

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I think I see just what is planned for at least one section of the society.  Yes, a Universal Basic Income (UBI) will come in – there are too many millions who cannot get a job because of technology and robotics taking over, and replacing them in the workforce.  In such circumstances, too much danger of the Precariat revolting and the elite losing control of this world order.

But it is not intended that the UBI will be issued through new credits/money, as the National (Consumer) Dividend would be, but only through the raising of more taxes by governments and/or more debt taken on by governments.

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WHAT IS ‘THE STATE’ FOR? by Betty Luks

In Dr. Jennifer Oriel’s opinion “Politicians are elected but by no means are they representative” (The Australian 16 January 2017).  In fact she thinks: “Political leaders are in a state of advanced denial about the decay of liberal democracy and their contribution to its decline.  Their refusal to adopt realism in analysing the root causes of rising nationalism, popular democracy and counter-revolutionary movements is self-serving. It enables the political class to sustain denial in the face of overwhelming evidence that their old world order of supranationalism, centralised power and political correctness has done incalculable harm to the free world…”

In fact, political scientist Dr. Oriel is on record as writing:  “Unless the major parties correct their course, it seems likely that a Donald Trump-style politician will rise to prominence in Australia. The appeal of populist and nationalist politicians lies in their novelty, their revival of patriotism and pride in Western culture. The five causes that fired Trump’s ascendancy are being championed by anti-establishment figures across the West. During the past week, three of those causes came to the fore in Australian politics: sovereign borders, the PC establishment and freedom of speech….” (The Australian 22 November 2016)

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It was James Delingpole quoting Mark Steyn’s words “The process is the punishment” that reminded me of that day in 1988 and my experiences at an Office of Multicultural Affairs one-day convention.  I summed up my experiences and my understanding of what it was all about in a letter to the then President of the Victorian RSL Bruce Ruxton (found here (http://alor.org/Volume51/pdf/Vol%2051%20No%2021.pdf)

The main thrust of what was really intended is summed up in the following words: “There was a lawyer in the group who saw it as important that such legislation was put into effect to silence such people as Bruce Ruxton and Nancy Wake.  It was suggested there may already be criminal laws that would effectively deal with such as you, but this lawyer thought it was bad tactics to treat you as a criminal. Why, the people may even see you as some sort of a hero and public anger would be aroused!  Better to deal with the likes of you under the civil laws and try to hurt you in other ways.  I guess psycho/politically and/or financially.

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Joanne Nova has posted on her website an article on an American climate scientist by the name of Judith Curry, which I think bears repeating:  “Judith Curry resigns — “battle of scientific integrity versus career suicide” It is sad to see that Judith Curry will not be continuing her research. The dead hand of buracademia drives out the best.

From Mark Steyn, who doesn’t hold back:  “…distinguished climate scientist Judith Curry had decided to resign from her position at Georgia Tech: The superficial reason is that I want to do other things… The deeper reasons have to do with my growing disenchantment with universities, the academic field of climate science and scientists.Dr Curry elaborates: A deciding factor was that I no longer know what to say to students and postdocs regarding how to navigate the CRAZINESS in the field of climate science. Research and other professional activities are professionally rewarded only if they are channeled in certain directions approved by a politicized academic establishment — funding, ease of getting your papers published, getting hired in prestigious positions, appointments to prestigious committees and boards, professional recognition, etc.

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China Watching:Beijing wants to create a nationwide ‘social credit’ system that compiles digital records of citizens’ social and financial behaviour to calculate a personal rating that will determine what services they are entitled to - and what blacklists they go on.- - Wall Street JournalIt has come to our notice that a system of surveillance planned for the citizens of Communist China was described in English as a ‘social credit’ system.  Of course it sparked our immediate interest, not only by the term used but the underlying philosophy upon which it is based.  But let’s mull over this news for a while - what does all this mean?

First why use the English term ‘Social Credit’ for such an Orwellian Chinese Surveillance System?  A term that was coined nearly a hundred years ago and which the mainline media has avoided the use of, in relation to, and any reference to, Clifford Hugh Douglas’ writings and proposals.Of course there are a number of serious issues involved with what has happened but I think we have to ‘start at a beginning’ in order to get our minds around it all.

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"Psycho-politics is perhaps the most dangerous single weapon in the armoury of Communist psychological warfare which has been used relentlessly in the last twenty years, not only by the Communists, but by all propagandists of the Left (and now the ‘Right’…ed) who quickly spotted a weapon that could be fired with deadly effect against the habitual honesty and trustfulness of the ordinary citizen." - - Ivor Benson, in “The Opinion Makers”.

Source:  21 April 1972. http://alor.org/Volume8/Vol8No14.htm


 “When the restrictive powers of paper and ink, backed by legal penalties, have reached their limit, as they have long ago in the first home of Marxism, Germany, and its adopted home, Russia, their place is taken by direct methods, such as barbed wire and machine guns. The end of the process is universal slavery, which is already well on the way. The Nazis' effort, however, to establish it more or less openly under its own name, appears to be doomed to failure; it will have a better chance under the names of universal Liberty, Equality, Fraternity etc., in which guise it may deceive people longer as to its nature, and so survive longer at the bureaucratic stage.”


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Rian Malan says he's willing to give up his land (in South Africa-ed), in exchange for his life, but he would like to confirm who the rightful owners really are

OPINIONRian Malan says he's willing to give up his land, in exchange for his life, but he would like to confirm who the rightful owners really are.

"We are here unashamedly to disturb the white man’s peace. Because we have never known peace. We, the rightful owners, our peace was disturbed by white man’s arrival here. They committed a black genocide. They killed our people during land dispossession. Today, we are told don’t disturb them, even when they disturbed our peace. They found peaceful Africans here. They killed them! They slaughtered them, like animals! We are not calling for the slaughtering of white people, at least for now.... But 1994 means NOTHING without the land! Victory will only be victory if the land is restored in the hands of rightful owners. And rightful owners unashamedly is black people. This is our continent, it belongs to us."–  EFF leader Julius Malema in a speech outside Newcastle Magistrates court last week.

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Babette Francis (Endeavour Forum) wrote in a Quadrant article “Panic in the Left’s Giggle Factory” 19th November 2016:

“He isn't making with the gags himself, but Donald Trump is boosting global merriment by inspiring his critics to make monumental jokes of themselves. They simper, they sob, they pack suitcases and, most of all, they sneer non-stop at voters deemed so less intelligent than their precious selves.If US President-elect Donald Trump achieves nothing during his four years in the White House, he has at least given us days of laughter following his election.  In this grim world of ours there is often little to laugh about, so thank you, Mr. President-elect, for the hilarity following your election. Observing the mainstream media scrutinizing the tea leaves (and their own entrails) has been side-splitting.

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To: Americans everywhere;Thank you for your time and attention.First, please let me be very clear, what I have written here for your consideration is not about the Republican Party, Democrat Party, Independent Party, Libertarian Party, Tea Party or any other Party. It is about an idea conceived over two centuries ago, a country, a people, a document.

Two hundred and twenty nine years ago (1787) a group of men whom we now refer to as the "founding fathers," following a long and bloody battle for their independence from a dictatorial Monarchy, assembled themselves together in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and did their best to establish a country governed in a God-fearing way by representatives who were selected by the people who were to be governed. No where in the history of all mankind were there any examples or even political theory in existence that offered them any hope that a republican form of government, based on the new concept of consent of the governed, could succeed on a wilderness continent which was much larger than any European state.

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http://tma.melbourneanglican.org.au/opinion/perspectives-on-trump-161116Oh dear, I might be entering waters too deep for me and will flounder - but here goes. I am going to take a Bishop of the Church to task.First Bishop Browning you show you have accepted the Left/Right dialectics by your choice of words.  It has been a method to divide and rule the people for quite some time now. I thought that the recent presidential election was a good example – the mainline news presented the election as a two-horse race, ‘them and us’.  How many readers/viewers would have known there were other candidates ‘in the race’?

You write:  “In making Jesus' teaching all about the individual, Christian Right has got it wrong: “Donald Trump has championed the Christian Right's "corralled version of Christianity", and in doing so further weakened notions of community and its importance:"

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Robert De Niro seems to have become somewhat emotionally and intellectually unhinged.  Rather than expressing blind outrage and issuing unflattering epithets he might offer some rational analyses and criticisms.  His intemperate outburst has not left me in any way better informed.  I have not viewed his film “The Comedian” which might provide evidence deserving a more specific response.

The essential problem is that both the Right and Left (and the Centre) make the fatal mistake of thinking that wealth derives only from human effort and/or that sharing in the benefits arising from economic activity can be justified only or essentially by one’s direct contribution to wealth creation via work or labour.  This is the most irrational and ridiculous assumption that one might imagine—and actually stems from Puritanism and Pharisaism, being the core assumption of Marxism.  It is based firmly on the Judaic concept of 'Salvation through Works' and is diametrically opposed to the Christian concept of 'Salvation through Grace'.  The fact is that in today’s technology-based economy wealth is produced primarily not by human effort but by non-human energy and entirely different factors of production, including increasingly and primarily our age-old accumulating Cultural Heritage of know-how and technique.  Indeed, it has been widely predicted that within about twenty years nearly fifty per cent of all “jobs” in America will be eliminated by automation and artificial intelligence.   Any normal mind would consider this as a magnificent achievement and an event for great jubilation for which we should be eternally grateful to a loving and beneficent God and an abundant nature.  But no, we lament “No Jobs—no income! We are doomed!  We have too much!”  How bottomlessly and utterly stupid can humans be?!!!

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This article was written by Jeremy Lee who passed away a few years ago.  

If the idea of a Police State was announced in advance, it would never happen! The people would resist, find leaders, rise up and stop it. But, of course, the loss of personal freedom never happens in one moment of time, but gradually, inch by inch, never moving fast enough to cause too much opposition, taking a backward step now and then, in order to take two forward steps later.

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Social Credit and Mass Migration by M. Oliver Heydorn

We live now in an age of mass migrations and of rumours of mass migrations. With the term ‘mass migration’ we are referring, of course, to the movement, not merely of large numbers of people, but of whole groups of people, who constitute various racial-cultural gestalts, en masse from one nation or region to another. When it comes to explaining why this mass migration has been occurring, why it is, on the whole, a negative phenomenon, and what can be done to reduce migratory flows to saner proportions and saner forms, Social Credit theory has much to contribute to the public discourse.

The Economic Cause Behind Mass Migration It has been commonplace to explain the existence of mass migration in the modern era in terms of technological advancements and particularly in terms of revolutions in communication and transport facilities, as though it were all a largely natural development. This overlooks the fact that a great deal of the more recent waves of mass migration, those with which we are most familiar, has actually been an effect of an international economic policy. Technology is what makes the mass migration possible, to be sure, but it really does not explain why it is happening. To this question of why, Social Credit provides an original and cogent answer.

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The Controversy over the Safe Schools Program – Finding the Sensible Centre by Patrick Parkinson University of Sydney - Faculty of Law

Professor Parkinson's Abstract and Conclusion make essential reading:Full paper available here: SSRN-id2839084.pdf Abstract"The Safe Schools program has attracted great controversy. On one end of the spectrum it is defended as an anti-bullying program. On the other end of the spectrum it is regarded as social engineering. It is important to have programs in schools that offer support for same-sex attracted youth, or those experiencing confusion about their gender identity, particularly those who do not have support at home. However, this particular program has some serious flaws.

"This paper seeks to draw attention to various problems in the Safe Schools materials which ought to be rectified if a program like this is to continue to be offered in schools.

"First, the materials present statistics on same-sex attraction and transgender prevalence that have no valid scientific basis.
Secondly, they present sexual orientation as fixed when for school-aged adolescents it is very volatile, and many same-sex attractions are transitory.
Thirdly, they present gender as fluid when for about 99.5% of the population, there is complete congruence between sexual characteristics and gender identity.
Fourthly, they promote gender transitioning without the need for any medical and psychological guidance and even without parental knowledge or consent.
Finally, they offer potentially misleading legal advice to teachers. While a program of this kind may offer benefits for some young people, there is reason to be concerned that it may cause harm to other young people who experience same-sex attraction or gender confusion. There is certainly a place for an anti-bullying program that addresses the issues with which the Safe Schools program is concerned, but this program needs to be rescued from its progenitors."

Conclusion:"It is unlikely that the concern about the Safe Schools program will go away. Without significant changes, the Safe Schools program risks conflict between school principals and teachers, and between schools and parents. Large ethnic communities are likely to become more vocal in their opposition. If parents knew that their school would assist their child to change gender identification at school without their knowledge and consent and without any expert medical or psychiatric involvement, the vast majority would, I expect, be extremely concerned. For the most part, politicians have defended the Safe Schools program because it is an anti-bullying program. If they continue to do so, without insisting on major reforms to it, they are likely to experience a severe political backlash in the more culturally diverse constituencies. Furthermore, the risk is that opposition to it will become so strong that eventually the baby will be thrown out with the bathwater and neither this program, or one like it, will continue to exist. That would be detrimental. In any school there will be students who are struggling with aspects of their psychosexual development.

"There is a need to support same-sex attracted youth, especially those who are unable to discuss these issues in their families. Many will not be same-sex attracted ten years later, but while they struggle with their sexual orientation, they need support and reliable information about same-sex attraction in the appropriate classes in the school curriculum. So it is with young people experiencing gender confusion. Expert professional help from those with the relevant medical or psychological expertise is essential. The program, or something like it, will no doubt do much good if it is brought back into the sensible centre. While a program of this kind may offer benefits for some young people, there is reason to be concerned that it may cause harm to other young people who experience same-sex attraction or gender confusion. This is not good enough for an educational resource. The Safe Schools program needs to be rescued from its progenitors."


In his final speech to the United Nations General Assembly, US President Barak Obama “hailed progress on the world stage while warning against the perilous forces that seek to dismantle peace and prosperity” – reported Willa Frej reporter for The Huffington Post.

Obama warned against ‘Aggressive Nationalism’ And ‘Crude Populism’.  “We can choose to press forward with a better model of integration, or we can retreat into a world sharply divided and in conflict,” he said.  That statement, and a number of others Obama made before the U.N. ― grouping “aggressive nationalism” and “crude populism” into the same category as religious fundamentalism ― could be interpreted as swipes at U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Read further here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com.au/entry/barack-obama-unga-speech_us_57e0453ee4b04a1497b60ce3 These days one comes across such terms in the mainline press quite often, i.e., ‘aggressive nationalism’ and ‘crude populism’.  The internet tells me the meaning of ‘populism is:   “At its root, populism is a belief in the power of regular people, and in their right to have control over their government rather than a small group of political insiders or a wealthy elite. The word populism comes from the Latin word for "people," populus.” - - https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/populism Could it not be that the regular people are not happy with what their political insiders and/or wealthy elite are doing to them and are rebelling? As for ‘nationalism’, whether ‘aggressive’ or not…noun: nationalism  patriotic feeling, principles, or efforts, "an early consciousness of nationalism and pride"synonyms:  patriotism, patriotic sentiment, allegiance/loyalty to one's country, loyalism, nationality…  C. H. Douglas in an address “at the Central Hall, Liverpool, on October 30th, 1936, “The Tragedy of Human Effort,” noted that biologist Dr. Tudor Jones, stated that there is no evidence whatever to suggest that the human being of the present day is in any essential cleverer or more able than the human being of six or seven hundred years ago. Douglas continued:  “I am particularly interested in this, because I have recently had access to some charters and other similar documents affecting the affairs of Scotland from the thirteenth to sixteenth centuries, which seem to me to possess an understanding of the realities of statesmanship at least as great as is evidenced at the present time. I am confident that the principles which ought to govern the management of the affairs of this world have been available for many centuries, and have been obscured to such an extent that the community's intelligence upon such matters is probably less now that it was a thousand years ago.”  “For this reason” he continued, “I trust you will bear with me if I endeavour to put to you my own understanding, in modern language, of these ideas.

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2GB - Malcolm Roberts One Nation- Establish a Peoples Bank


Agenda 21

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Australia’s Global ‘Exit’: Tribalism and International Institutions

Source:  On Line Opinion, 16 September 2016:  “Australia’s global ‘exit’: tribalism and international institutions” Binoy Kampmark believes that Senators Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts “hail from a long line of populists suspicious of the “international institution”…” the United Nations, and then brings to the readers mind American Senator Jesse Helms’ warning in the late 1980s to his own American people that the United Nations’ intention was  “to impose its moral authority on the United States in the name of international justice.”  At the time Senator Jesse Helms still believed “The American people will not buy it”.But just as Australians are now learning of the sell-out of Australia to the Chinese Communists so the American people have been sold out by their leaders.

International Finance and the Communist WorldIt was in 1978 that Eric Butler warned his people:  “As the Jaws of the World Trap Close”

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