Dear Prof. Tombe,
     Please note that the following post was made today to the Montreal Gazette:
Why the time is ripe for a conservative Alberta premier to shake up Confederation

     “Equalization payments are a mechanism whereby the increasingly inadequate national financial income is shared sufficiently to provide the financial powers adequate assurance that they will not become the target of regional and/or national insurrection. Social welfare financed by taxation falls into this category. It removes pressure from an essentially corrupt, exploitative and dysfunctional financial system by ensuring that the relatively few crumbs which are allowed society are sufficiently spread to prevent outright rampant deprivation and starvation with ensuing open rebellion. State encouraged ‘charity’ (voluntary ‘taxation’) serves a similar function.

     “The appropriate approach to ‘equalization’ is to issue debt-free consumer credits in replacement of the present spiralling colossal fraudulent consumer bank credit, i.e., financial debt--in the form of universal and inalienable National (Consumer) Dividends, and payments to all retailers at point of sale enabling them to charge falling, i.e., Compensated (Retail) Prices properly to reflect our stupendous increases in real production efficiency as labour is rapidly replaced by non-labour factors of production, e.g., by automation and artificial intelligence.

     “I observe no truly constructive initiatives emerging from the so-called ‘United Conservatives’ of Alberta, their primary motivation appearing to be recovery of legislative power for the sake of power and perceived advantage without advancing any genuinely and uniquely beneficial policy—which I would expect perhaps least of all from a political party headed by Jason Kenney. If this is the best that the ‘conservative’ elements can offer then one can hardly marvel at the dilemma in which they find themselves.

     “It is a dilemma of their own making and is the primary reason why the socialists, as advocates for State power, under various labels, are forever making increased political inroads to power. All the advocates of enhanced State power need do is to exercise patience while the so-called ‘conservative’ elements gradually commit suicide through their sterile rear-guard resistance, primarily because of their abysmal ignorance in matters relating to industrial cost-accountancy and State finance. Meanwhile the revolutionaries, in historic dialectic collusion with the financial powers, continue their unrelenting corrosive and power-centralizing activities, and bide their time……awaiting the intended final demise of a fatally infiltrated and misled, naïve Western ‘Christian’ Civilization.