ARE WE ALL Small ’l’ liberals NOW?

     The headlines exposing the influence within Australia of the Communist Chinese government’s spy agencies comes as no surprise to those within the Australian League of Rights.  But it is a reminder of earlier communist infiltrations within nations.  Readers should take a look at a modern map of the world and see just how many countries have become socialist/communist over the last fifty years.

     I am reminded of what Ivor Benson had to say about Ian Smith and the controlled opposition within the ‘conservative’ party ranks of the former Rhodesian Front:

“Mr. Ian Smith is not a conservative, let alone a rightwing extremist, never was a conservative and never will be. He is a liberal or progressive, or leftist, always was and always will be.  Thus an astonishing situation has been created in which a dyed-in-the-wool liberal finds himself today the prime minister and leader of a small country which has adopted a posture of defiance towards a revolutionary imperialism, which is essentially liberal, leftist, call it what you will”.

“We’re All Leftists Now” On Target 26 May 2017.

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