A week ago the High Court handed down its ruling on the status of certain politicians and their dual citizenship - and since then another has been placed in doubt. This time it is a Tasmanian Liberal.  
It all began when a West Australian lawyer set ‘the wheels in motion’.  (Tom Rabe, AAP October 28, 2017)

Man behind citizenship scandal speaks out

“THE man who set in motion the scandal that saw five federal MPs dumped (by the High Court-ed) has explained why he got involved — and warns there will be others.  
THE man who set in motion the Australian citizenship scandal that has now claimed five political careers says he expects more heads will roll.
West Australian Lawyer John Cameron ousted Greens MP Scott Ludlam as a New Zealand citizen in July this year, leading to an eventual constitutional crisis for the Australian government.
Senator Ludlam’s resignation resulted in the status of numerous other politicians being questioned, which culminated in Friday’s High Court Decision disqualifying five federal MPs.
In months that followed Senator Ludlam’s resignation Mr Cameron has kept his silence, but following the court’s decision has explained to AAP his motivation to dig into the background of Australia’s representatives….
Mr Cameron said the citizenship scandal highlighted a need for a national anti- corruption commission, similar to what has been established in NSW.
“There’s a crying out need for an independent commission on corruption, as this case has demonstrated,” he said.  “And if nothing else comes out then it will have been worthwhile.” “
Source: http://www.news.com.au/finance/work/leaders/man-behind-citizenship-scandal-speaks-out/news-story/37fe52e339fdfd088bf01d4126006b24