The Daily Mail online, 15 March 2017, tells it readers:
“Theresa May has been warned she faces ‘war on two fronts’ with Nicola Sturgeon and the EU after the Scottish First Minister demanded a fresh independence referendum.
Former Foreign Secretary Lord Hague said Miss Sturgeon would exploit inevitable difficulties in Brexit negotiations to push the case for breaking up the UK.
Meanwhile, Brussels will use the need to appease Scotland to undermine the PM’s attempts to drive a hard bargain.
The warning comes as the Brexit Bill officially enters the statute books, with the Queen due to grant Royal Assent later.
But although Mrs May is now formally authorised to trigger Article 50 and begin the Brexit process, she has put the moment off until the end of the month…”
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The difference is between centralized and decentralized power 
What it does not tell its readers - from Wallace Klinck, Canada:
“Scotland (like Quebec) adheres to Napoleonic or Continental Law which is incompatible with English Common Law and does not protect individuals in the same way.  Their sympathies toward the EU, and those of N. Ireland, are clearly seditious if Great Britain is to be considered a unitary sovereign nation. 
If Scotland and Britain as a whole functioned under an honest and realistic financial system this divisive influence would dissolve and fade away.  A house divided against itself cannot stand.  The problem is a lack of recognition of inheritance and its confusion with welfare—which latter is tax-based. 
This fatal misunderstanding is the Achilles Heel of the Conservative Movement.  A world of difference.”  
Read further…    (Robert Klinck - “Economists’ Failed Professionalism” - 2016)     

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