p220 - The modern private enterprise system ingeniously employs the human urges of greed and envy as its motive power, but manages to overcome the most blatant deficiencies of laissez-faire by means of Keynesian economic-management, a bit of redistributive taxation, and the ‘countervailing power’ of the trade unions.



Can such a system conceivably deal with the problems we are now having to face? The answer is self evident: greed and envy demand continuous and limitless economic growth of a material kind, without proper regard for conservation, and this type of growth cannot possibly fit into a finite environment. We must therefore study the essential nature of the private enterprise system and the possibilities of evolving an alternative system which might fit the new situation.


p234 - At Scott Bader, it is legally correct to say that the operating company, Scott Bader Co. Ltd, is owned by the Commonwealth; but it is neither legally nor existentially true to say that the Commonwealth members, as individuals, establish any kind of ownership in the Commonwealth. In truth, ownership has been replaced by specific rights and responsibilities in the administration of assets.