A generation left behind: Millions of Chinese children abandoned as parents seek work

by China correspondent Matthew Carney
Around 61 million children are left behind in China's rural villages and towns while their parents work in the big cities.
Li Yikui is a 13-year-old boy who radiates warmth and friendliness. But inside he is hurting.
"I love to be with my classmates, so that I don't feel lonely," he said.
Yikui has not seen his father in four years. His mother visits just once a year.
When he is asked if he misses them, a big tear rolls down his cheek and he covers his face with his hands. It is a silent, but eloquent, answer.
Yikui is one of the millions of children left behind, the hidden casualties of China's rapid development.
Studies show about 70 per cent of the 'left-behind' kids suffer from emotional trauma, depression or anxiety.
They are sometimes called the lost generation, or the damaged generation.
About a third of the left-behind children — 20 million — will get involved in crime, while another third will need time in mental health institutions, according to a small Christian NGO called Children Charity International (CCI).
"I can't imagine what that would do to China," CCI founder Joseph Lim said.
So far young Yikui is staying on the right path.
We meet him in a noisy classroom at Xiaping school in central China's remote and mountainous Hefeng county.
About 40 per cent of his classmates are growing up without parents. They tend to lag behind other kids in their grades and behaviour, so they need extra help.
"The left-behind children lack the care and guidance of their parents. So they lack self-discipline to some extent," vice principal Mr Xu Liang said.

Read further here: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-09-06/millions-of-chinas-children-left-behind/7816010

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